Solid Systems’ Organic Session Earns 2x Growth via Disruptive SEO Strategy

The Client

Solid Systems is a South African B2B IT Company which provides IT support services & solutions for cloud computing, cyber security, remote working, Microsoft 365 integration & many more. It has raised a total of $20M in funding

The Objective

Solid Systems recognised the need to expand its brand presence in the South Africa region. They decided to rebuild the website & create more web pages for the products & services that they are offering. Their primary objectives can be summarized into four points, that are:

  • Increase website traffic via organic channel
  • Increase new users via organic channel
  • Improve keyword ranking for business related keywords
  • Achieve growth in lead generation via all channels

The Challenge

While the primary goal was to expand the brand presence, Infidigit came across several roadblocks. They could be summarized as:

  • Intent-based keywords are not targeted due to minimal content on the site 
  • Limited pages on the website. 
  • Missing site architecture and URL structure 
  • Pages not internally linked to each other 
  • Absence of on-page optimization across all pages

The Solution

In order to expand Solid Systems’ brand presence in the South Africa region, Infidigit realized that not only would their organic traffic have to be increased, but they would also have to explore all the channels at their disposal to generate more leads. The campaign’s successful execution rested on the below ideas:

  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Contextual Linking
  • Technical Implementation
  • Knowledge Insights to Drive New Users

On-Page SEO Optimization

As the new pages went live on the website, Infidigit proceeded with on page activities like title and meta descriptions along with header tags for service pages.

Content Gap Analysis

A detailed competitor analysis was conducted to identify opportunities areas. At the same time, content around intent-based queries for both ‘Service’ & ‘Blog’ pages was created. These content pieces were relevant, unique and SEO-friendly.

Contextual Linking

Custom footer links for each page, including trending & competitive keywords, were deployed to improvise the internal linking within the website.

Technical Implementation

There was continuous web development & tech implementation being done with respect to page speed, schema & CTA implementation.

Knowledge Insights to Drive New Users

Infidigit recommended new blog content ideas to help Solid Systems drive traffic as per the trending service-based keywords and topics.

The Result

Once all the plans were successfully executed, following were the results observed:

  • The organic traffic rose by 140% from March 2021 to April 2022.
  • There was a significant increase in the number of unique users via organic channels.
  • The number of keyword rankings in the top 3 positions on Google  SERP’s result had improved substantially.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Unique Users


Increase in Organic Traffic


Growth in Leads


Keywords in the top 3 positions

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