Pisarto’s Organic Sessions Jumps 270% through Effective SEO Strategy

The Client

For the longest time, paintings and artworks are confined mostly to the four walls of traditional art galleries. Pisarto has taken the digital-first approach and was set up to democratize art. Pisarto can be described as a pure tech-enabled online art gallery and a market disruptor in the art space. Their services bring global art to the doorstep of art lovers making it accessible to one and all. Further, Pisarto is a great platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent. This meeting place of art-lovers and artists make the art-buying process a hassle-free experience.

The Objective

The primary aim for Pisarto was to boost its organic sessions. Apart from that, it had two more objectives which were:

  • Increase keyword rankings
  • Increase new users by 200%

The Challenge

Below are the major challenges that had to be addressed and worked upon when formulating and implementing strategies for Pisarto.

  • Generating duplicate content in paginated pages.
  • Incorrect product schema.
  • “Page Not Found” error displayed on the pages with no product.
  • Incorrect breadcrumb structure (same product appeared in different categories).

The Solution

To counter the roadblocks mentioned above, Infidigit created a comprehensive strategy that consisted of the following actionable points:

  • Rich Content Formulation
  • Focus on Technical SEO
  • Contextual Linking

Rich Content Formulation

Content is an important factor in SEO. In this case, Infidigit found out that there was a content gap on the website. Based on the analysis, there were several suggestions made among which the major one was creating content keeping both users and search engines in mind. Infidigit focused on the long tail keywords and ensured that the content was easy to read.

Focus on Technical SEO

A thorough audit was done for the website and more than 250 technical audit points were checked manually and via tools.  The top priority technical points were recommended to ensure the website is SEO friendly. This helped Infidigit to improve overall site performance and increase their organic sessions.

Contextual Linking

During the audit process, we also identified internal linking opportunities across the platform. Internal linking suggestions were shared and implemented which helped us to improve internal linking and maximize crawling for bots.

The Result

After Infidigit executed the above-mentioned strategies, following were the results that were observed on Pisarto’s website:

  1. The organic sessions on Pisarto’s website saw a 270% surge.
  2. There was an increase in the number of keywords ranking on the top 3 positions of the Search Engine Results Page. 
  3. There was a significant increase in the number of new users.


Increase in Organic Sessions


Keywords Increased Ranking in Top 3 Position


Increase in New Users

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