Flipkart Seller Hub experienced an 83.64% rise in non-brand clicks within 6 months

The Client

Flipkart Seller Hub is an online platform that allows individuals and businesses to sell products on Flipkart, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India. The platform provides various features and tools to help sellers manage their inventory, sales, payments, and customer interactions.

The Objective

Flipkart Seller Hub wanted manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers to have it simple to sell goods online through Flipkart and begin their selling careers. Their goals were:

  • To improve Organic Ranking
  • To improve Organic Non Brand Clicks

The Challenge

In our pursuit of these goals, we were confronted with the following obstacles.

  • Limited Tech Bandwidth
  • Lack of Category Landing Pages on website

The Solution

Recommended Creating New Pages

Identifying important category pages that competitors have created and enabling them to be pillars for subsequent supporting pages for overall Category Optimization.

Created & Optimized Content for individual landing pages

We have planned using Content as a strategic means to gain better rankings on Google SERPs. Keeping in mind FSH’s wireframe and page structure, we have added content wherever possible and also considered the ideal Keyword Density when it comes to our competition.

Shared Wireframe

We provided a conceptual design that the client, their tech team and the designers could use to plan and implement the structure of the landing pages. To provide Team Flipkart Seller Hub a clear idea of what the finished page will look like, we incorporated the content into the wireframe.

Shared Audit Pointers

We have shared our Insights and Analysis based on our exhaustive Technical Audit.

The Result


keywords ranked in Top 10 positions within 6 months


Improvement in MoM (Nov’22 vs Dec’22) CTR of all Category Landing Pages


Increased Organic Rankings in Top 5 positions


Improved Organic Rankings for Category Landing Pages in Top 10 Position within 1 month of the pages going live

1. Top Organic Rankings for Category Landing Page

2. Organic Rankings for Core/Niche Keyword

3. Higher Rankings on CLP Pages against competition

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How Flipkart Seller Hub witnessed a 83.64% increase in Non Brand Clicks with in 6 months