How Flipkart Seller Hub Elevated Top 10 Organic Keyword Ranking By 290.74%

Priyanka Tribhuvan_Assistant Marketing Manager at Flipkart

Priyanka Tribhuvan

Assistant Manager | Marketplace - SSE

The Infidigit team is highly proactive in their work and possesses a clear, business-driven thought process. We are genuinely pleased to witness improved SEO results on our website.

The Client

Flipkart Seller Hub, one of India’s leading e-commerce platforms, caters to sellers by allowing them to develop an online business and sell directly to 450 million customers.

The Objective

The goal of Flipkart Seller Hub was to make it as easy as possible for suppliers, manufacturers, and sellers to start their selling businesses through Flipkart. Their objectives were:

  • To improve Organic Ranking
  • To improve Organic Non Brand Clicks for CLP & Blog pages

The Challenge

We encountered the following challenges in pursuing these objectives.

  • Deindexing of Category Landing Pages
  • Under Optimised Content
  • Missing Blog Pages
  • Website’s Lack of Category Landing Pages

The Solution

Recommendation for Creating New CLP Pages

Through competitor analysis, we identified strategic CLP page opportunities. Subsequently developed and implemented these pages, leading to demonstrably improved organic keyword rankings.

Implementation of New Blog Pages and Reoptimized Category Landing Page Content

  • Pre-revamp blog page proposal: Prior to the website revamp, we proposed the inclusion of new blog content to enhance overall organic rankings. This initiative, implemented post-revamp, has resulted in significant individual blog page ranking improvements and a measurable increase in overall website traffic.
  • Landing page content reoptimization: Following the website revamp, we advocated for the reoptimization of all CLPs by enriching them with additional content strategically placed within relevant H2 tags. This optimization strategy has demonstrably improved overall keyword density, propelling the pages towards better visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Shared On-Page Recommendations for New Website

  • Concise URL Structure: To enhance user navigation and search engine optimization, we recommended a comprehensive overhaul of the URL structure for all top-level navigation pages and the newly-created blog pages.
  • Strategic Internal Linking Opportunities: We identified extensive internal linking opportunities within both the redesigned top navigation and the blog content. These links utilize accurate anchor text incorporating high-volume search volume keywords relevant to the respective page, aiming to improve website crawl depth and user experience.
  • Header Optimization: We identified opportunities to optimize the header structure of both the top navigation and informative pages by implementing strategically chosen keywords in headers that accurately reflect the content and improve user engagement and search engine ranking.

Shared Audit Findings After Website Revamp

We conducted a comprehensive technical audit and shared our findings with the client, highlighting the most critical issues requiring immediate attention. This detailed analysis provided the client with a roadmap for improving the website’s overall technical health and performance.

The Result


Increased Organic Rankings in Top 5 positions


Increased Organic Rankings for Positions 1

668% & 332%

Improvement in Non-Brand clicks and impressions from category landing pages in 11 months

269% & 506%

Improvement in overall clicks and impressions from blog pages within 5 months (Aug'23 - Nov’23)

1. Top Organic Rankings for Category Landing Page

2. Organic Rankings for Core/Niche Keyword

3. Feature Snippets for Blogs & CLP pages

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How Flipkart Seller Hub Elevated Top 10 Organic Keyword Rankings by 290.74% in 11 months