How Flipkart Seller Hub Achieved 2200% Surge in Business Leads

The Client

Flipkart Seller Hub stands at the forefront of India’s e-commerce sector, providing a dynamic selling platform for over 450 million customers. As a catalyst for digital commerce, it enables manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers to navigate the online selling landscape seamlessly. 

This case study elaborates on Flipkart Seller Hub’s strategic journey in collaboration with Infidigit. We discuss how its digital presence and market dominance were enhanced through innovative SEO and content marketing techniques.

The Objective

In response to these challenges, Flipkart Seller Hub set forth a series of strategic objectives designed to transform its digital engagement and market penetration:

  • Market Penetration: To break free from the constraints of paid media and propel organic non-branded clicks tenfold while securing a quantifiable increase in the top 10 search engine rankings. 
  • Engagement and Conversion: To leverage organic strategies to foster deeper customer engagement and achieve higher conversion rates. 
  • Establishment of an Information Hub: To create an authoritative and comprehensive information hub that addresses sellers’ queries, equips them with essential e-commerce insights, and guides them through the registration process seamlessly.

In navigating these challenges and objectives, Flipkart Seller Hub sought to enhance its digital footprint and create a nurturing environment for sellers to thrive, leveraging the power of content and strategic SEO practices.

The Challenge

In the pursuit of educating sellers online, Flipkart Seller Hub embarked on a mission to redefine its marketplace dynamics. There were, however, a few roadblocks that needed to be moved out of the way.

  • Dependence on Paid Campaigns: The heavy reliance on paid advertising campaigns stifled organic reach and led to inflated customer acquisition costs. 
  • Keyword Competition: Flipkart faced the challenge of outmanoeuvring competitors in a saturated market, where each keyword became a battleground for dominance.
  • SEO Optimisation: The critical need to reduce Cost Per Click (CPC) and boost organic search traffic was paramount. This required overcoming the complexity of search engine algorithms.
  • Market Dynamics: Consistently aligning Flipkart’s strategies with evolving consumer expectations and behaviours posed a challenge. There was a need to be able to predict upcoming trends and swiftly respond to the volatile market.
  • Lack of Content Resonance: The Flipkart website had a discrepancy of content resonance, resulting in a lack of reliable sources to address potential seller queries.

The Solution

To navigate the complex challenges and realize the ambitious objectives, Flipkart Seller Hub and Infidigit, architected a multi-tiered strategic blueprint. With a focus on meticulous analysis, creative content deployment, and technical finesse, here is a sneak peek into the strategy

Keyword Research and Content Gap Analysis:

With a laser focus on enhancing organic reach, extensive research into keyword trends and user search behaviour was conducted. This rigorous analysis helped to pinpoint high-value yet underleveraged keywords within the industry domain. Simultaneously, it helped identify areas where the existing content ecosystem could be enriched or expanded.

Wireframing and Pillar Pages:

The team designed conceptual wireframes, recognizing the importance of a seamless user experience. These blueprints streamlined navigation paths and optimized the user journey across the website.

Content Outreach and Optimization:

Strategic content marketing efforts were rolled out to amplify brand visibility and forge stronger connections with the audience. This involved crafting and disseminating high-quality, SEO-optimized content that resonated with the target audience’s needs and preferences. 

Internal Linking:

A sophisticated internal linking strategy was employed to fortify the website’s structural integrity, facilitating easier navigation and information retrieval for users. This effort was geared towards enhancing the clarity and appeal of the website’s pages in search engine results pages (SERP).

Through this multi-faceted strategy, Flipkart Seller Hub embarked on a path of digital revitalization. It aimed to surmount the prevailing market challenges and sculpt a digital presence that was both authoritative and user-centric.

The Result

The collaboration between Flipkart Seller Hub and Infidigit resulted in significant performance enhancements between Dec 2022 and Jun 2023:


Achieved Business Leads through Category Landing Pages


Reduction in Cost per Click


Improvement In Ranking For Non-Brand Keywords


Improvement In Non-Brand Clicks on Category Pages

The Conclusion

Over a six-month transformative journey, Flipkart Seller Hub, powered by Infidigit’s expertise, revolutionized its digital footprint, culminating in a staggering 2200% boost in business leads. This partnership not only redefined the e-commerce giant’s SEO strategy but also underscored the potency of digital marketing efforts in today’s competitive landscape.

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Flipkart Seller Hub

How Flipkart Seller Hub Achieved 2200% Surge in Business Leads