Kindly Health’s Non-brand Clicks increased by 2403% from the duration of March'23 to July'23

The Client

Founded in 2021, Kindly Health is a market disruptor in the sexual wellness and lifestyle space, providing comprehensive solutions for men’s sexual and reproductive health issues. Their services include home-based diagnostics for conditions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, among others. They help you track your sexual wellness journey with AI in 3 steps.

Duration: March 2023 – July 2023

The Objective

With a desire to rank high on Google SERPs, the following objectives were formulated:

  • To increase the ranking of non-brand keywords
  • To increase the Non-brand impressions & clicks
  • To increase the organic sessions

The Challenge

The website went live with only 4 pages of (her category) initially in the month of February. A thorough content review was done but the content was not implemented. A subsequent in-depth analysis was performed and found some challenges, notably:

Schema Implementation Issue: Lack of structured data implementation led to missed opportunities for rich results and high click-through rates in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Meta Tags & H1 Tags Issues: There are instances of missing tags across the site, and a few pages have duplicate meta tags along with incorrect H1 tags, which were affecting the site’s ranking and traffic.

Content Gap Analysis: The existing content lacked optimization for featured snippets, had an inconsistent structure, and lacked high-search-volume keywords. 

Content Crawlability & Page Rendering Issue: Content crawlability and page rendering issues significantly impact a website’s performance. If search engines like Google are unable to effectively crawl and render content, it can lead to lower visibility in search results.

The Solution

To support Kindly Health’s objectives of improving non-brand keyword ranking, increase non-brand clicks & impressions and increase in organic sessions, Infidigit implemented the following strategic measures:

Resolving Title & Meta Descriptions:

Implemented correct meta and H1 tags, and resolved issues with duplicate meta tags, focusing on targeted keywords that are relevant and have a high search volume.

Implementing FAQ, Video, and Rating Schema:
In the process of implementing FAQ, Video, Product, Articles and Rating Schema, we strategically leveraged the FAQ schema to effectively tackle user inquiries. By incorporating this schema, we were able to provide concise and structured answers to common user questions directly in the search results. 

Content Suggestion:
Focused on working on the content for blogs as the website landing page content will be published after the website is fully revamped

The Result

Non-Brand Clicks & Impressions:


Improvement in Non-Brand Clicks


Improvement in Non-Brand Impressions

Organic Sessions:


Improvement in Organic Sessions



Improvement in Overall Organic Rankings
(March - 31 keywords, July- 216 keywords)


Improvement in Organic Rankings in the Top 3 Positions
(March - 1 keyword, July - 27 keywords)


Improvement in Organic Rankings in the Top 10 Positions
(March - 4 keywords, July - 75 keywords)

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Kindly Health’s Non-brand Clicks increased by 2403% from the duration of March 2023 to July 2023