Manyavar Case Study

How Infidigit helped Manyavar to achieve rank for competitive keywords
& increased ranking by 55% in just 3 months

Duration: Dec 2021 To Feb 2022

About Manyavar

Manyavar has established itself as a leading traditional wear brand since its inception & continues to dominate the traditional wear industry. Manyavar was conceptualized in 1999, since then Manyavar has expanded its reach to 200+ cities in India.

What was Manyavar looking for ?

Their goal was to gain rankings for multiple organic keywords & to increase  organic click share

  • To improve Organic Ranking
  • To improve Organic Click Share
  • To improve Sessions

What did Infidigit Help Achieve?

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Increased organic rankings

Increased organic rankings in Top 1 Positions by 610%

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Increased organic rankings

Increased organic rankings in Top 5 Positions by 55%

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Increased organic click share

Increased organic click share by 51%

How Did We Achieve These Results?

Earlier we observed that Top Navigation Structure was not proper & there were issues like:

1. Irrelevant Anchor Text

2. Anchor Text linking to incorrect URL

Based on Search volume analysis, we recommended New Top Navigation with proper Anchor Text
After implementing this we were able to achieve Top 3 ranks for multiple competitive keywords

To make our web pages content and Search Engine friendly, we have updated Above the fold Content which describes the category & the products Manyavar is offering on those category pages. This helps users to understand the categories in a better way & the content relevance is also added great value from a search engine perspective.

  • Content GAP Analysis was basically done on the basis of competitors analysis. On comparing the content with our competitors, we observed certain gaps and conducted an in depth analysis on what type of content is present. 

Based on the analysis, we provided detailed content structure along with content length, word count, primary & secondary keyword occurrence 

After the content was uploaded on the website we were able to achieve rankings for various competitive keywords like sherwani, kurta pajama, engagement dress for men, reception dress for men, etc.

We utilized Structured data markup for rich results on SERPs and data like FAQ Schema, Itemlist Schema, which helped the search engine crawl better, helped us in increasing the website's ranking and improved the CTR.

Some Snapshots

Organic Rankings

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