Metro Shoes Revenue Surges by 109% with Infidifgit’s Strategy

The Client

Metro Shoes is a prominent Indian footwear brand that offers a wide range of stylish and comfortable shoes for men, women, and children. Established in 1947, the brand has a rich legacy of providing quality footwear to its customers, making it one of the most trusted and popular brands in the country. With over 500 retail stores across India and a strong online presence, Metro Shoes caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers by offering a variety of designs, materials, and sizes.

The Objective

Metro shoes primarily wanted to achieve these results

  • Increase rankings and awareness on search engines
  • Rebrand and increase the online business

The Challenge

There were certain limitations in the previous platform. These included :

  • Issues with the URL structure for product pages which were causing redirect and server concerns, in turn leading to indexing issues
  • Backend transactional issues
  • Concerns with page speed
  • Furthermore, due to the site’s size and the added complication of having to constantly shift the go-live date, site migration became a major SEO challenge

The Solution

Before Migration Process

A migration checklist was created prior to the process in order to achieve the set benchmark after migration. Infidigit team gathered all of the website’s data including top-performing pages and Page Speed scores. The checklist included activities such as URL structure optimization, Schema, Canonical Tag Optimization, Sitemap Optimization, and On-page content, and ensured that all previous SEO activities were transferred to the new platform.

During Migration Process

To ensure a smooth migration, the Infidigit team began continuously monitoring the activities on the staging website and updated the migration checklist accordingly, notifying the development team of any disturbance in activities on the live website. In addition, the Infidigit team identified critical errors and proposed solutions to improve the chances of a successful migration.

After Migration Process

After the migration was completed, the Infidigit team performed an in-depth audit of the newly migrated website and closely monitored the progress, such as traffic, conversions, page speed, and so on. To ensure the best results, a post-migration checklist was created and maintained, which included monitoring metrics, technical parameters, and their degree of impact and priority.

The Result

Infidigit played a crucial role in boosting the revenue of Metro Shoes by implementing effective SEO strategies. By improving sessions, user engagement, and increasing the number of pages viewed per session, Metro Shoes was able to witness a significant increase in e-commerce transactions, ultimately leading to a rise in overall sales and profitability. Additionally, Infidigit’s efforts in optimizing the website’s top 5 keyword ranking position further contributed to its success in the digital space.


Growth in Revenue


Boost in Organic Sessions


Increase in Organic Users


Improvement in Page Per Session


Growth in E-Commerce Conversion Rate


Improvement in Top 5 Keyword Ranking

Organic Sessions

Transaction Growth

Organic Revenue Growth

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Metro Shoes Migration Case Study