How Metro Shoes Increased Its Organic Sessions By 75%

The Client

Having been established in 1955, Metro Shoes takes great pride in its extensive network of stores across 144 cities and an online platform providing exclusive fashion footwear and accessories. Its range of products includes casual footwear, work wear, and embellished styles for parties, festivals, and weddings for the whole family. Moreover, it offers a broad range of handbags, wallets, belts, and other accessories. Metro’s footwear range is specially curated based on different regional tastes in India. And lastly, it serves consumers in the mid and premium segments.

The Objective

With the domain migration taking place in July 2022 and other SEO concerns, Metro Shoes was facing slight difficulty in increasing its organic sessions. As a result, the objective to increase organic sessions as compared to the previous year was laid down.

The Challenge

As Metro Shoes migrated its domain name from to, a significant decline in organic traffic was noticed.

Moreover, there were several issues on the website like staging sites going live, missing breadcrumbs and H1 tags on the mobile version, incorrect canonical tags, and other version pages becoming accessible for the bots as well as users, along with others.

The Solution

With the aforementioned challenges in clear view, here is how we began our action plan to resolve issues:

  1. We performed a well-planned migration and redirection strategy. This was done to protect the site’s investment in terms of visibility, traffic, and authority with search engines.
  2. We worked actively to rectify all the highlighted concerns after performing an extensive audit.
  3. Besides this, we recommended several On-Page SEO changes that improved the website’s overall SEO health score. For that, changes in meta-tags, FAQs, content refresh, internal links, etc. were implemented.
  4. We then performed an Off-Page SEO strategy, comprising of generating do-follow backlinks from subsidiary companies. Also, no-follow backlinks from external websites and other common off-page activities were carried out.
  5. For Technical SEO, we optimized the implementation of structured data, website navigation, improving UI/UX, and website loading with core web vitals. This was done to ensure a better user experience.

The Result

After rectifying the issues and implementing the above strategies, Metro Shoes increased its organic sessions by 75%.


Organic Sessions Increased

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Metro Shoes Organic Sessions Case Study