Infidigit’s SEO strategy propels Mochi Shoes’ keyword rankings to grow by 122%

The Client

Mochi Shoes is a popular platform for footwear, offering a wide assortment of handbags, belts, and other accessories across India. With a massive array of walk-in outlets across the country, Mochi Shoes has grown into a brand that is synonymous with fresh designs, and creativity for young Indians offline as well as online

The Objective

Mochi Shoes had set out with the goal to improve their organic presence on SERPs. To make this a reality, the following objectives were laid down:

  • Increasing Organic Visibility on the SERP
  • Increasing the number of Keyword Ranking in the top 10 bracket

The Challenge

The footwear industry is fiercely competitive, with numerous well-established brands wielding substantial budgets fighting for top positions. Mochi Shoes aimed to achieve Top 10 rankings for keywords that were highly competitive, amidst the oversaturation of aggregators dominating the SERPs in the online space.

The Solution

Our approach comprised four distinct stages, and each of these phases had its own goal:

Keyword - Gap Analysis

We conducted a deep keyword-gap analysis in order to identify opportunities that were missed out. The insights gained from this analysis were used to develop a content strategy to target the keywords with the greatest potential for driving traffic to the website.

Technical Audit

We performed a detailed audit covering technical assessments like site discoverability, indexation, mobile responsiveness, etc. Through this audit we were able to resolve the below issues

  • Google Bots was able to crawl the website. 
  • Search Engine Crawlers were able to view the content on the website.
  • The website was optimized for mobile users.

On-page Optimization:

Once the site could be properly crawled, our next step was evaluating the content and other on-page elements. 

  • For our Category Pages, we refreshed & optimized the content with the long tail version of primary keywords. We performed A/B testing of the Meta Data on the top organic pages.
  • For our Product pages, we implemented unique Titles & Descriptions & H1 Tags that helped them rank for intent-based keywords.

Building Authority With Backlinks

In order to build more authority towards the website, we devised a link-based strategy that focused on securing backlinks from niche-relevant subsidiary websites along with creating link worthy content for brand promotion.

The Result

We observed a significant surge in the keyword rankings within a few months of implementing the above strategy, which consequently boosted Mochi Shoes’ overall click share.


Improvement in Organic Rankings


Increase in Organic rankings in Top 3 Positions


Improvement in Organic Rankings in the Top 10 Positions

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Infidigit’s SEO strategy propels Mochi Shoes’ keyword rankings to grow by 122%