Infidigit boosted Mochi Shoes’ Non-Brand Clicks By 107% via SEO

The Client

Mochi Shoes is a popular platform for footwear, offering a wide assortment of handbags, belts, and other accessories across India. With a massive array of walk-in outlets across the country, Mochi Shoes has grown into a brand that is synonymous with fresh designs and creativity for young Indians offline as well as online.

The Objective

The footwear industry is fiercely competitive, with numerous well-established brands wielding substantial budgets fighting for top positions. Mochi Shoes had set out with the goal to improve their organic presence on SERPs.

To make this a reality, the following objectives were laid down, amidst the oversaturation of aggregators dominating the SERPs in the online space.

  • Increase the number of non-brand keywords ranking in the top 10 bracket
  • Increase the non-brand clicks by 100%
  • Increase revenue by 50%
  • Enhance crawling & indexing processes
  • Improve mobile version accessibility for search engine bots
  • Ensure the serving of major HTML attributes in accordance with web standards

The Challenge

In light of this, the following difficulties were identified:

  • Absence of schema markup hindered structured data presentation to search engines, affecting rich results.
  • Internal linking lacked structure and context, impacting user navigation and search engine understanding.
  • High page load time led to a poor user experience and had negative effects on search engine rankings.
  • Google bots faced difficulty crawling the website due to excessive JavaScript, hindering content indexing.
  • Content was getting hidden in accordions in the mobile view led to user & Google bot accessibility issues.
  • Rich snippets like FAQs went undetected on the SERP, despite keywords ranking in the 1-5 brackets.
  • Discrepancy between targeted keywords and actual content impacted relevance and overall SEO performance.

The Solution

Once Infidigit narrowed down what the goals & challenges were, a comprehensive strategy was created. The following points formed the base of the strategy:

For On-Page SEO:

Deep Keyword Analysis:

  • Identified relevant keywords for content and landing pages
  • Created and optimized over 200 pages to rank for targeted keywords

Ratings & Reviews + Product Schema Markup

  • Implemented Product + Ratings & Review schema markup
  • Ongoing presence of reviews and high-quality imagery for enhanced trust
  • Improved rich snippets on search engines, boosting product credibility and click-through rate

Internal Linking Structure:

  • Devised a strategy linking important pages with anchor text rich in relevant keywords
  • Encouraged user exploration and increased likelihood of cross-selling

Minimized Page Load Times:

  • Optimized product pages for mobile users, ensuring fast-loading webpages
  • Improved user experience, reducing bounce rates and increasing sales

Content Accessibility & Recognition:

  • Served all content, links, and images in HTML markup for proper recognition by search engines
  • Addressed hidden content within accordions, ensuring visibility and crawlability

For Off-Page SEO:

Building Authority With Backlinks:

  • Devised a link-based strategy for securing backlinks from niche-relevant subsidiary websites
  • Created link-worthy content for brand promotion

For Technical SEO:

  • Performed a detailed technical audit covering site discoverability, indexation, and mobile responsiveness
  • Resolved issues related to crawlability, content visibility, and mobile optimization

The Result

These results show a comparison between the time frame of September 2021 to January 2023.


Overall Clicks increased


Brand Clicks increased


Non-Brand Clicks increased


Non-Brand Keywords in the top 10 ranking bracket increased


Revenue increased

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Infidigit boosted Mochi Shoes’ Non-Brand Clicks By 107% via SEO