Mochi Shoes’ non-brand clicks grew by 96% through Infidigit’s SEO strategies.

The Client

Mochi Shoes is a popular platform for footwear, offering a wide assortment of handbags, belts, and other accessories across India. With a massive array of walk-in outlets across the country, Mochi Shoes has grown into a brand that is synonymous with fresh designs, and creativity for young Indians offline as well as online.

The Objective

Duration: August 2022 – January 2023

The primary objective of Mochi Shoes was to improve traction from the organic channel. To achieve this, the following objectives were laid down:

  • Increase non-brand clicks
  • Increasing the number of Keyword Ranking in the top 10 bracket

The Challenge

Below are some of the challenges faced that Mochi Shoes was facing:

  • Keyword & Content Gap
  • Content Crawlability Issue
  • Under Optimized Title & Description
  • No Schema Markup
  • Improper and non-contextual internal linking

The Solution

Once Infidigit narrowed down on what the primary goals were, a comprehensive campaign strategy was created. The following points formed the base of the strategy:

Deep Keyword Analysis:

In order to optimize for search, we first had to determine what keywords and phrases to rank for. After conducting a thorough research process, we identified relevant keywords to build content & landing pages on. These keywords covered most of the popular variations of the high-intent audience we were targeting and the competitors were ranking for. Now that we knew what keywords to track, we created & optimized the pages more than 200 pages to rank for these keywords.

Technical Audit:

We performed a detailed audit covering technical assessments like site discoverability, indexation, mobile responsiveness, etc. This audit helped uncover and resolve the below tech issues – 

1) Site Crawlability:

Google Bots were not able to crawl the website due to excessive javascript. To resolve this, Infidigit recommended serving all the content, links & images in HTML markup.

2) Remove accordions in the mobile view – 

We recommended keeping the accordion open by default which ensured that the content is visible and crawlable by search engines.

3) Mobile Optimized Website

It was necessary to optimize the product pages for mobile users. Ensuring fast-loading webpages resulted in an improved user experience, leading to a reduction in bounce rates. This, in turn, helped to increase sales, revenue, and pages per session.

On-page Optimization

After ensuring that the website was crawlable, we proceeded to assess its content and other on-page factors. We refreshed and optimized the content on our Category Pages by incorporating long-tail versions of primary keywords. Additionally, we conducted A/B testing on the Meta Data of our top organic pages. We implemented unique Titles, Descriptions, and H1 Tags, which aided their ranking for intent-based keywords along with powerful CTAs on Product Pages.

Structured Data Optimization

  • To enhance the overall click-through rate (CTR) for relevant keywords and effectively respond to end-users’ inquiries, we implemented FAQ schema. 
  • The Product + Ratings & Review schema was also implemented to provide end-users with improved visibility of product prices, offers, and availability directly on the search engine results page.

Building Internal Links

An Internal Linking strategy was devised to link important pages of the website using anchor text that is rich in relevant keywords. By linking to related products and accessories on the product page, users were motivated to explore other pages, which ultimately increased the likelihood of cross-selling. We added internal links to key pages, brands, and product pages within the content that can assist with people’s buying decisions.

The Result

We observed a significant improvement within a few months of implementing the above strategy.


Improvement in Non-Brand Clicks


Improvement in Organic Rankings


Improvement in Organic Rankings in the Top 3 Positions


Improvement in Organic Rankings in the Top 10 Positions


Transactions Increased

Non-brand clicks

Organic Rankings

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Mochi Shoes’ non-brand clicks grew by 96% through Infidigit’s SEO strategies.