Google To Suspend Ecommerce Sites that Change Prices on Checkout Page

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Google To Suspend Ecommerce Sites that Change Prices on Checkout Page

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    Google has recently announced that they will enforce the checkout pages’ price must not be higher or different from the one mentioned on the merchant center page. This enforcement could happen as early as April of this year. 

    Google wrote,

    “Beginning April 6, in addition to reviewing and enforcing price accuracy between your Merchant Center product data and your landing pages, we will begin to review and enforce price accuracy at checkout.”

    Google further added,

    ” If during an account review, Google finds that the price provided for one of your products at checkout is higher than the price provided for that product on its landing page, you will receive a 28-day warning to resolve these mismatches. Otherwise, the merchant’s account will be subject to suspension at the end of the warning period.”

    Rules were present earlier as well, but a lot of them did not play by the rules. Hence, Google started working on strengthening them last year. Around July of 2020, Google spoke about how Googlebot can crawl and add items to the shopping cart. They gave the reason as Google wanted to check the cart’s price compared to the landing page’s price, but now Google will enforce it to be the same.

    Currently, it is not clear how many ecommerce websites would be affected. But the problem would have been too frequent in the ecommerce industry that Google needed to look into it.

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    Google To Suspend Ecommerce Sites that Change Prices on Checkout Page