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SEO Company in Bangalore

Are you seeking an exponential increase in web traffic for your website, which also results in incremental revenues? Partner with a globally acknowledged SEO company in Bangalore which ensures performance-driven SEO.

We are Driven by Results

Organic Sessions

1.8 Billion+

#1 Ranking Keyword


Awards & Recognition


Organic Sessions

1.8 Billion+

#1 Ranking Keyword


Awards & Recognition



1.5 Billion+


1.5 Billion+


800 Million+


2 Million+


800 Million+


2 Million+

Trusted by Global Brands

Looking out for a SEO Company in Bangalore?

An SEO company in Bangalore is not hard to find. However, finding one that understands and works towards building your online presence is an altogether different story. Here at Infidigit, we do not approach our client’s needs with a one-size-fits-all attitude. We are all about really understanding your online marketing requirements before providing you with bespoke, personalized SEO services.

Your search for the best SEO company in Bangalore ends at Infidigit.

We are interested in getting to know your brand as intimately as possible, and when it comes to SEO services in Bangalore, Infidigit will cover every little way that can maximize your visibility online. We have been working with leading brands—from Myntra to ICICI Prudential to ZEE5, to name a few—and we know what it takes to stand out online, irrespective of the industry. Organic traffic and real connections will lead to enhanced revenue and that is the Infidigit way.


Vipul Oberoi

Director - Marketing, CSR & Learning at Dun & Bradstreet

“The efforts of our partner, Infidigit, on SEO have made turned our website into lean, mean ROI-generator. It has now become a pure evidence of how a coherent SEO strategy and creation of relevant content can work wonders for a brand in the digital space.”

+156% Organic Sessions     +188% Organic Revenue      +186% Organic Clicks

+156% Organic Sessions
+188% Organic Revenue
+186% Organic Clicks


Achint Setia

Vice President - Marketing at Myntra

“Myntra and Infidigit team have a good association with over the past years. The overall value creation has been wonderful. The SEO team has adopted a refreshingly innovative approach that has resulted in Myntra’s improved performance. The team has recently won several awards for this improved performance. We look forward to more such breakthroughs in the future”

+499% Organic Sessions     +490% Organic Users      +240% Organic Revenue

+499% Organic Sessions   
+490% Organic Users    
+240% Organic Revenue





What do we do to make your website rank on top?

We use the following strategies to make your website rank on top:

  • Our team of SEO experts perform data-driven and detailed SEO planning for your website. We analyze the average time spent on your website by users, check the bounce rate, and also come up with strategies to improve UI/UX.
  •  We perform extensive keyword research and optimization as well as provide a detailed analysis of SEO strategies used by your competitors.

  • We perform content gap analysis for your website. Our SEO consultants check the content and keywords for which competitor websites are ranking and find ways to reverse engineer them.
  • We also come up with customized strategies to help your content reach your target audience effectively

  • Our professional experts help create a detailed website structure that helps users to navigate the entire website smoothly.
  • We design an effective layout for your website, employ the best internal linking practices, perform a site review, and organize the content on your website according to hierarchy and importance. Better website navigation leads to increased traffic and thereby increased revenue.

  • Site Speed is a major factor or parameter which affects a website’s ranking on the Google SERPs.
  • Our SEO Company in Bangalore with its team of experts will suggest ways to lower the load time of your website, which should ideally be not more than 3 seconds. This helps in good ranking as well as a good conversion rate on the website.

  • Our On-page SEO strategies will optimize your websites to achieve a higher ranking. We analyze the content on your website and webpage, check for title tags, meta descriptions, meta tags, and image alt tags.
  • We ensure that there is absolutely no duplicate or plagiarised content and that the URL structure is clean and keyword optimized, etc

  • Just like an SEO company in Delhi, our SEO company in Bangalore provides Off-page SEO services for your website.
  • We look into the backlink strategies of your website, eliminate any irrelevant backlinks and focus on only high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. We also  recommend innovative ways to increase backlinks for your website via expert guest posting and Q&A forums.



Anuj Gupta

Head of Revenue & Product at Zivame

“We were exhilarated to see Infidigit achieve the target of 100% increase in non-brand traffic, two months before the set timeline. Such spectacular results can only take them forward in the road ahead.”

 +116%  Organic Sessions      +93%  Organic Revenue      +73%  Return on Investment

 +116%  Organic Sessions 
 +93%  Organic Revenue
 +73%  Return on Investment

Why Infidigit as SEO Company in Bangalore

Expertise Across Industries

Infidigit as an SEO company has expertise across a range of industries including the ecommerce domain, OTT platform, insurance domain, and so on. Our clientele includes well-known companies and brand names like Zivame, Myntra, ICICI Prudential, ZEE5, Medlife, and many more.

Featured Snippet and #1 Rank

We help our clients to achieve featured snippets and #1 rankings for their websites. Our team of professional and expert SEO consultants have driven more than 13,000 keywords to #1 spot and have achieved over 3000 featured snippets thus making websites rank on #1 on the Google SERPs.

Brand Awareness

Our SEO Company in Bangalore offers extensive internet marketing services to increase the client’s brand awareness. This includes influencer marketing activities and digital PR services on different promotional platforms to increase your visibility and create brand awareness on the web.

Innovative Ideas

Our SEO Company in Bangalore applies innovative SEO ideas for your website to achieve effective and desired results. Our USP lies in straying away from the norms and providing ingenious and customized SEO solutions for each website we work for.

Services Offered Across Globe

Our SEO Company in Bangalore takes pride in offering services across the globe. We provide services not only in India but also in Australia, South Africa, and the UAE.

Awards Received

Despite being a young SEO Company in Bangalore that has been in the field for only three years, we have managed to win 16 national and international awards. In fact, Infidigit is the only SEO agency in India to be the finalist in the SMX Awards 2019.

Our Services

As a top SEO company in Bangalore, we provide a range of services for our clients. Here is a detailed list.

SEO Services

Sustainable growth for your business.

E- Commerce SEO

Increase your online traffic & sales

SEO Audit

Improved SEO impact through an in-depth technical audit

Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert passive website visitors into paying customers

Local SEO

Increase local traffic from your customers

SEO Penalty Recovery

Recover from Google Penalty through a focused strategy

Link Building Services

Quality backlinks enables higher rankings on search engines

Content Marketing

Engage your customers & boost SEO with quality content

ASO Services

We customize ASO to ensure faster downloads by your targeted audience


Rubi Gupta

AVP Marketing & Growth at Spinny

“Since SEO was an unexplored area for us till Jan 2021, we trusted Infidigit’s SEO team to fulfil our requirements and formulate an action plan. Within 11 months, we observed an improvement in non-brand clicks by 169% and organic users by 131% with more than 800 keywords ranking in the top 10 positions. As a result, our overall organic numbers improved. With that said, we hope to achieve similar milestones in the future.”

+169% Non-Brand Clicks      +111%  Organic New Users      800+  Keyword rank in top 8 pos

+169%  Non-Brand Clicks
 +111%  Organic New Users
 800+  Keyword rank in top 8 pos

FAQ’s on E-commerce SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization involves carefully-calibrated steps that can boost a website’s and its contents, Google rankings. Infidigit, a leading SEO company in Bangalore, will go above and beyond using pitch-perfect keywords within quality content and building organic backlinks. Our SEO services will propel you up the Google ranking ladder and enhance the traffic to your website.

SEO services are crucial because it is all about coming out on top of Google rankings so that users are familiar with your product/service. To put it simply: Infidigit knows all about beating the competition. And we would like your brand to stand out online, attract organic traffic, and increase your revenue.

Infidigit offers the complete gamut of SEO services. Our SEO services in Bangalore are unparalleled because we cover all bases. From a manual SEO audit to schema implementation, internal linking strategies to URL structure and title/meta-tag optimization, EAT-approved content and duplicate content analysis, we have you covered from every direction. Our clients are happy because we can pre-empt their requirements and we are always ready to pivot as per ever-evolving SEO trends.

Amplifying your online visibility will lead to more conversions and SEO is a sure-shot way of reaching that goal. Once your Google SERPs ranking improves, your website will enjoy increased traffic. The right SEO strategy will optimize your site and help you grab the right eyeballs at the right time.

When you type SEO company Bangalore into Google, you will receive thousands of hits. That’s the nature of SERPs. Whether you are a small business looking to scale or a large one looking to fortify its position, SEO services will enhance your search rankings and that’s the best way to improve online credibility for your business.

Infidigit’s keyword research is about mining data in a way that best suits our client’s needs. As one of the best SEO companies in Bangalore, we know that keywords are the bedrock of a successful SEO campaign. We conduct niche research into our client’s industry and come back with keywords that are attractive and known to boost traffic.

There is no fixed period on how long it will take for your website to have an improved ranking after employing the best SEO practices. It depends on the changing Google algorithms and the intensity of competition in your industry. However, it generally takes 3 months to achieve improved rankings in the case of long-tail keywords and 6 months in the case of competitive keywords.  

Even if your website has reached the top ranks on Google SERPs, you should continue with SEO practices. Google algorithms and ranking factors, user search behavior, etc. keep on changing. It is always best to keep your website updated according to these changing factors. This can be achieved only through continued SEO. 

SEO is important in 2022 more than ever. This is because, with each passing day, the world is becoming a digitized space. Businesses, as well as customers, are now looking at virtual sources to meet their needs. In order to keep the revenues coming in, the website for your business needs visibility and credibility online. This is only possible through SEO which improves the rankings of your website on the Google SERPs, increases organic traffic, and elevates the conversion rates. 

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