The Power of Snippets: Orange Health Labs' SEO Transformation

The Client

Orange Health Labs is a leading healthcare provider offering  comprehensive lab tests and health checkups across seven prominent Indian cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad. Orange Health Labs has cemented its position as a cornerstone in the healthcare sector, catering to a diverse range of diagnostic needs. Providing a wide range of tests including urine, blood, stool, sputum, and more, they ensure speed, convenience and efficacy for customers.

Through their commitment to innovation and excellence, Orange Health Labs establishes itself as a dependable partner in promoting optimal health across all age groups, playing a vital role in the healthcare landscape.

The Objective

  • Increase click-through rate (CTR): The higher my content ranks on the SERP, the more likely people are to click on it. The objective was to achieve higher rankings on the SERP to increase the likelihood of clicks, driving more traffic to the website.
  • Creating stronger brand authority: Being featured in position zero on Google signals to searchers that my content is credible and trustworthy. This would give people the confidence to check out my services, especially as a relatively new player in the industry, in different locations other than Bangalore.
  • Improve website visibility:  The dominance of featured snippets, which according to a study, occupy over half of the space on mobile screens, makes my content more prominent and effectively pushes my competitors down in search results, enhancing the visibility of my website.
  • Increase the number of transactions from the organic channel: By improving website visibility for transactional keywords and focusing on keywords that prompt users to take action, such as making a purchase, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and revenue growth.

The Challenge

  • The website’s visibility primarily focused on providing post-purchase information, leaving it unseen for transactional keywords that could drive transactions.
  • It wasn’t visible for the transactional keywords searched before purchases that could lead to transactions.
  • Additionally, there were fewer keywords with decent search volume on a city-wise basis, and the focus was heavily on commercials and location-based queries.
  • For local SEO SERP visibility, there was no opportunity for map pack rankings since the service is provided at home and not at physical locations. 
  • Also, there was a challenge in competing with a different local player in each target city.
  • This meant very high competition & limited spots for potential conversions from organic search

The Solution

  • The only solution was to achieve top rankings for a significant portion of the search volume relevant to the brand, focusing on transactional intent for all major cities.
  • Since the SERP contained many featured snippets for this niche, the goal was to rank for all those keywords to achieve maximum visibility.
  • Addressing the challenge involved a multi-faceted approach, starting with keyword identification for intent and SERP feature, competitor analysis and the development of a content structure tailored for locality pages. 
  • Key instances were identified within the content structure to target important keywords and capitalize on ranking opportunities.
  • We utilized AI to edit human-written content to best answer user queries aligned with search intent, aiming to secure a spot on the SERP with featured snippets.

The Result

We conducted an experiment involving 05 test pages for a single location, implementing strategies that focused on transactional keyword optimization. This involved thorough keyword research using tools like Google Search Console and optimizing the content structure for transactional keywords differently for each page basis the target city.

After careful and systematic implementation of the devices strategy, the website began securing featured snippets for multiple keywords. This significantly enhanced visibility, ultimately leading to a notable surge in traffic from transactional keywords.

The Conclusion

In today’s competitive digital landscape, where consumers increasingly rely on online resources for healthcare information, securing top positions on SERPs is crucial. Infidigit recognized this and implemented a comprehensive strategy focusing on transactional keyword optimization and leveraging featured snippets.

Customizing Orange Health Labs’ content for featured snippets not only helped boost their visibility in search results but also enhanced the overall quality of their content. This ultimately resulted in improved business outcomes over time. 

Despite tough competition and algorithm changes, Orange Health Labs succeeded in securing top spots for some of their most important transactional queries with paragraph and table snippets.

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The Power of Snippets: Orange Health Labs’ SEO Transformation