How Shopsy Experienced a Rise in Non-Brand Clicks by 218.16% within 3 months

The Client

Shopsy is a prominent e-commerce website with over 100 million users offering various categories and products, including Fashion, Fitness, skincare, Home and Furniture, Electronics, Accessories, Kitchen items, and much more. Presented by Flipkart, Shopsy distinguishes itself by providing products at competitive prices compared to other e-commerce platforms.

The Objective

Shopsy aimed to connect with a broad spectrum of online users, including sellers, resellers, and consumers, to expand its online presence and reach :

  • To improve Keyword Ranking
  • To improve Organic Traffic
  • To improve Non-Brand Clicks

Duration : Aug’23 to Oct’23

The Challenge

As we sought to achieve these objectives, we encountered the following challenges :

  • No Index tag on category pages
  • Incorrect URL structure
  • Lack of relevant category pages 
  • Under optimized Pages

The Solution

On Page Optimization

To enhance the overall SEO performance of the website, we optimized title and meta descriptions along with header tags, and incorporated keyword-rich content. Our approach involved organically incorporating internal links through secondary keywords. Additionally, by strategically targeting both primary and secondary keywords with high search volume, we aimed to improve keyword rankings and increase the overall visibility on SERP.

Footer links Optimization

The suggestion to incorporate footer links containing primary keywords on both the Homepage and category pages, and subsequently implementing this strategy on the website, has proven beneficial in enhancing internal linking and facilitating more efficient crawling by Google’s bots.

Technical SEO

During the initiation of the technical audit, it became evident that several critical factors required immediate attention. Prioritizing major aspects such as indexing the homepage and category pages, implementing correct canonical tags, optimizing the sitemap structure, and more. These efforts have significantly contributed to enhancing internal links, index pages, and other SEO metrics.

The Result

10X Growth in rankings

Increase in Organic Keyword Rankings in Top 10 positions


Increase in Organic traffic

218.16% & 86.36%

Increase in Non-Brand clicks and impressions

165.71% & 32X

Increase in category pages Non-Brand clicks and impressions

1. Non-Brand Clicks improved by 218.16% when compared Aug’23 vs Oct’23.
2. Non-Brand Clicks improved by 165.71% for category pages when compared Aug’23 vs Oct’23.
3. Non-Brand Impressions improved by 32X for category pages when compared Aug’23 vs Oct’23.

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How Shopsy Experienced a Rise in Non-Brand Clicks by 218.16% within 3 months