Smytten's Non Brand Clicks Surge by 61% in 3 Months

The Client

Smytten is a shopping platform that offers curated luxury product samples across various categories. Users can try before they buy, discovering new products and brands. With personalized recommendations and a vibrant community, Smytten enhances the shopping experience for those seeking premium quality items.

The Objective

Smytten aimed to establish a natural online presence and open avenues to connect with relevant audiences. This situation paved the way for Infidigit to enter the picture. Smytten’s objective was to secure a position on SERPs and increase demand for their offerings.

  • Improve the website’s overall SEO health
  • Improvement in Ranking
  • Increase in Organic Clicks
  • Increase in Organic Impression
  • Increment in Keyword Coverage

The Challenge

No desktop site

Lack of a desktop site risks losing desktop traffic, reduces SEO benefits, limits user engagement, and affects credibility.

Lack of content

Having insufficient and limited content on their website and search engine crawlers being unable to effectively crawl and index their website’s content, resulting in diminished engagement and reduced organic visibility.

Low visibility in the target niche on SERPs

Smytten struggled with achieving adequate visibility for their target niche on search engine result pages (SERPs), leading to lower organic traffic and difficulty reaching their intended audience.

Lack of targeted keywords in Internal Linking

Smytten had a problem with their website’s internal links not being set up effectively. Though they implemented the footer links but the targeted keywords where not used as a anchor. This caused issues for search engines in finding and indexing important pages

Content Crawling Issues

Majority of the on-page content on the website was not crawled. This hampered the visibility of the content in the SERPs. 

Smytten experienced difficulties with search engine crawlers not being able to effectively crawl and index their website’s content, leading to decreased visibility and potential loss of organic traffic.

Product Pages was not crawlable

Search engine bots are unable to crawl and index product pages, which leads to a lack of visibility in search results. As a consequence, potential customers may have difficulty finding these pages, resulting in reduced traffic and missed opportunities for engagement and conversions.

The Solution

Technical SEO Enhancements:

Several technical aspects were addressed to ensure optimal crawling and indexing by search engines:

  1. To eliminate duplicate pages, the Infidigit team  implemented 301 redirects from duplicate URLs to their respective original pages. This consolidation of content ensures a positive impact on SEO rankings while providing a seamless user experience.
  2. Created an XML sitemap for Smytten’s website, ensuring that all relevant pages are included. This allows search engines to effectively crawl and index the site, resulting in improved visibility and organic search performance.

On-page Optimization:

  • AI-Optimized Meta Titles and Descriptions:

Using AI-based predictive analytics, meta titles and descriptions were dynamically generated based on what the algorithm predicted would perform best for non-branded queries.

  • Updating Contextual Links:

To boost the ranking of high-search-volume keywords, the team implemented contextual and footer linking strategies, strategically placing relevant anchor text within content and footer sections to enhance keyword visibility and improve organic search performance.

  • AI Content Creation:

The client proposed utilizing AI Content wth the help of chatGPT for the website. To enhance SEO, the team performed thorough keyword research to incorporate relevant keywords into the content, taking into account context and user intent.

When utilizing AI content creation, Smytten ensures that the website’s content incorporates pertinent keywords seamlessly. After generating the content using ChatGPT, the team utilized a website for text conversion to ensure that the AI-generated content takes on a human-written appearance, while retaining its initial significance.

After completing this process, team examined the content using the some of the extensions to determine whether it has been authored by a human. This practice contributes to elevating the website’s position in search engine results and enhances user experience, leading to heightened visibility and enhanced rankings.

  • Product Pages Sitemap Creation:

The team created separate product pages sitemaps for the Shop and Trial sections. This helped search engine bots to easily find and index these pages. By doing this, the team aimed to increase the chances of these pages appearing higher in search results, making them more visible to potential customers.

The Result

After the implementation of the above-mentioned strategy, the following results were observed on the website from the baseline of April 2023:


Non-Brand Average Position Improved


Organic Clicks Improved


Organic Impression Improved


Overall Keyword Ranking Improved


Keyword Ranking Between #1-#3 Improved


Keyword Ranking Between #4-#10 Improved


Internal links Improved


Indexed Pages Improved


Merchant Center Listing Clicks Improved


Merchant Center Listing Impression Improved

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Smytten’s Non Brand Clicks Surge by 61% in 3 Months