How Superbalist Generated 236% Revenue via 2019 Black Friday Campaign

The Client

Superbalist is one of the most beloved online fashion platforms in South Africa that delivers premium products. Its catalog comprises 30,000 products from 400 brands, spread across 30 categories. With impeccable services, the brand caters to various shapes, sizes, ages and price points. A combination of all these perks has propelled the brand to become the most accessible fashion destination online in South Africa.

The Objective

Superbalist wanted to increase higher revenue for 2019 Black Friday through organic search than in the previous year (2018). For this, the following objectives were laid down:

  • Increase Organic Sessions by 100%
  • Increase Organic Revenue by 100%
  • Ranking in the top three search results for the keyword ‘Black Friday’

The Challenge

Black Friday is one of the biggest annual events of the year, all over the world. Hence ranking for a highly searched keyword would pose several challenges, especially when it came to targeting the keyword organically.

The Solution

In order to make the most of the Black Friday Sale, Infidigit needed to make sure Superbalist captured as much space as possible on the first page of Google Search organically. This meant Infidgit had to devise a plan to ensure Superbalist would not only rank first but also capture the Featured Snippets spot on Google. As featured Snippets rank above the organic search and take up a sizeable real estate on the search page, attaining Feature snippets were crucial for driving high CTR visits

The campaign’s successful execution rested on the following ideas:

Content Gap Analysis

We initiated a content gap analysis on the website and found a few loopholes in the content section. With this website content was created considering users as well as search engines. The focus was on long-tail keywords and ensuring that the content is of quality and appealing to users.

Using various ranking tools, Infidigit made sure the right competitors were chosen to benchmark the content consumed by users. This helped in understanding optimal keyword frequency and density.

By analyzing the missed opportunity made by most during w.r.t. Rich Snippets, Infidigit made sure the content plan included analysis making the content more research-centric.

Queries similar to ‘How do I prepare for Black Friday?’ and ‘ What is Superbalsit doing for Black Friday?’ show intent of research and should therefore be accompanying the /black friday page. The FAQ Schema pushes the competition even further down, in turn helping increase the CTR as well.

Rich Media Targeting


We helped create a step-by-step guide to assist users prepare for the Black Friday sale. This assisted Google’s users, and the infographic displayed on the SERP. 


An influencer video was embedded on the page that helped bring in a variety of content, enabling Google to appreciate the content present on the page. 

Feature Snippet code placements:

To ensure the content is visible in featured snippets on the SERP page, our thoroughly tested code for each of the content pieces guaranteed we occupied these special places on Google.

Smart URL Targeting

In order to ensure Google considers these pages as being among the most important ones on the website, they needed to fulfill two criteria:

  • Sufficient number of internal links
  • Crawl frequency

To achieve this, Infidigit placed the anchor “Black Friday” in the header, which is common for more than 300K Pages. As a result, maximum internal links were produced. The header placement ensured that crawlers encountered the Black Friday anchor on almost all the pages, resulting in maximum crawl frequency.

The Result

Infidigit surpassed these objectives and set new benchmarks for Black Friday in South Africa for fashion e-commerce.

  • Ranked #1 during the entire Black Friday week in South Africa for desktop and mobile.  (In fact our implementations helped us rank
  • 415% more organic sessions through Black Friday pages compared to 2018.
  •  236% more revenue was generated through Black Friday Pages compared to 2018.
  •  In the absence of SEO campaigns, the major source driving visits was PPC, which provided an ROI of 2. The result of the SEO initiative campaign was an ROI of 240, a 116x increase (11,683%)


Increase in Organic Sessions


Increase in Organic Revenue


The rank of Superbalist


Return On Investment

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