11x growth : Infidigit achieved 1097% increase in organic revenue for Superbalist

The Client

Superbalist.com is a renowned online fashion platform in South Africa, offering a wide range of products from various brands. With its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, Superbalist.com caters to diverse sizes, ages, and price points, making it the go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts across the country.

The Objective

Unlock the potential of the boots game in 2023 with Infidigit’s game-changing SEO strategies, paving the way for extraordinary growth!

    • Increase in Organic Revenue above 300% 
    • Increase in Organic Transactions above 300% 
    • Increase in Organic Sessions by 200%

The Challenge

In December 2022, Superbalist.com encountered an opportunity for growth in the boots category. 

  • One of the challenges encountered during the optimization process was the presence of irrelevant products on the TLP pages. This issue could potentially confuse users and deter them from exploring the desired products, leading to a suboptimal user experience.
  • The project encountered the significant challenge of low visibility for crucial keywords within the boots category.
  • We faced the issue of being unable to incorporate H1 tags on the website, which presented difficulties in ranking effectively for our main keywords.

Recognizing the potential impact on overall profitability, Superbalist.com embarked on a mission to overcome this setback and achieve remarkable success. With unwavering determination, innovative strategies, and transformative measures, Superbalist.com made a triumphant comeback, boosting sessions, revenue, and overall website performance.

The Solution

With a data-driven approach, Infidigit’s team conducted a detailed sub-category gap analysis to unlock the untapped potential of Superbalist.com’s boots category. Armed with valuable insights, Team Infidigit meticulously optimized boots-related pages using various methods:

Journey to Brilliance: Embarking on a Journey of New Page Creation to Reveal the Hidden Oasis

Explore a world where Infidigit market research reveals untapped potential within the boots category. By understanding customer desires and fashion trends, Superbalist embarks on an extraordinary journey through SEO, paving the way for enormous expansion. Superbalist carves new paths to success through strategic page creation, unlocking the full potential of the boots campaign and leaving a lasting impression.

Soleful Content Mastery: Content Optimization that Inspires, Informs, and Bootifies the User Experience

Experience Team Infidigit’s SEO expertise as they harness the power of optimization to enhance the boots category. Through meticulous keyword research, including performing a keyword gap analysis and additional research based on intent for the boots campaign, each word is carefully selected to engage fashion enthusiasts and drive targeted traffic. This content optimization strategy, well received by the target audience, enables informed purchasing decisions, resulting in increased sessions, conversions, and building an authentic connection with the brand.

Moreover, we also integrated AI into our strategic recommendations in content optimization and keyword research which not only catered to the user’s needs but also facilitated better understanding by search engine bots and crawlers. The implementation of structured and well-optimized content helped improve website indexing, visibility, and crawling efficiency, addressing the identified keyword gap effectively. By leveraging AI-powered insights, we meticulously align each piece of content with user preferences, playing a pivotal role in the exceptional success of our campaign.

Supercharge Your Click-Through Rate with Bootify the Meta: Crafting Irresistible Titles and Descriptions

Team Infidigit SEO experts crafted captivating meta tags to enhance the visibility of the boots category. With enticing descriptions, strategic keywords, and compelling calls to action, we enticed fashion lovers, encouraging them to explore the incredible boots collection. This strategic optimization increased click-through rates which in turn helped us gain in sessions, bolstering Superbalist.com’s online popularity and captivating its loyal customers. Leveraging AI for Meta Tag suggestions was aso one of the driving force behind our achievements, leading to a triumphant outcome.

Stepping Up the Header Game: Guiding the Path to Boots Category Excellence with Seamless Navigation

Recognizing the importance of clear navigation, Team Infidigit suggested optimizing header tags to guide users seamlessly through the boots campaign. By recommending relevant header tags tailored to boots-related pages, we not only created an intuitive and engaging user experience but also ensured that Google bots and crawlers could easily understand the structure of the website. This refinement not only benefited visitors in effortlessly exploring the diverse range of fashionable boots but also enhanced search engine visibility and rankings.

From Foot to Link: Contextual Footer Connections Enhance Navigation and Ignite User Engagement

Team Infidigit strategically incorporated contextual footer links on boots-related pages to streamline navigation and maximize user engagement. By including relevant and helpful links in the footer section, we provided users with easy access to explore the boots collection and discover additional styles and product offerings. This deliberate integration of contextual footer links not only enriched the user journey but also contributed to the distribution of link juice across the website. As a result, the boots-related pages experienced an increase in page authority, which positively impacted their search engine rankings and visibility. This enhancement in website navigation and link distribution further strengthened Superbalist.com’s online presence and facilitated a seamless browsing experience for users.

Boots on the Road to Perfection: Resolving Page-Level Issues for a Smooth and Consistent Stride

Team Infidigit diligently identified and highlighted the issue to the client and resolved page-level discrepancies within the boots category. By rectifying the display of different products on the boots pages, we ensured that users encountered a seamless and consistent browsing experience. This meticulous attention to detail significantly reduced the bounce rate, as visitors were more inclined to stay and explore the website further. The improved user satisfaction reinforced Superbalist.com’s commitment to delivering a flawless and reliable online shopping experience, ultimately leading to increased conversions and customer loyalty.

Boot Camp for Backlinks: Off-Page Endeavors Cultivate Authority through High-Quality Connections

Team Infidigit embarked on a comprehensive off-page strategy to cultivate high-quality backlinks. Through a combination of blogger outreach and engagement on platforms like Quora, we proactively reached out to industry experts, influencers, and enthusiasts to promote the Superbalist website. By collaborating with authoritative entities, we secured valuable backlinks from high domain authority websites. These backlinks not only improved the website’s credibility but also established Superbalist as a trusted source in the footwear fashion industry. We also leveraged the opportunity of fixing the broken backlinks we were getting from external sources. The proactive off-page optimization strategy implemented by Team Infidigit strengthened website authority, expanded reach, and attracted targeted traffic to the boots category on the website.

Link Reboot: Unraveling Broken Links and Breathing New Life into Boots Pathways

Team Infidigit found broken links on Superbalist’s website that were affecting the boots section. Our team identified these issues and highlighted them to the client, ensuring users can browse the boots collection smoothly without any interruptions. We optimized those broken links in the content by replacing them with the relevant URLs.

Boots on the Fast Lane: Enhancing Page Speed and Load Time for a Swift and Seamless Experience

Committed to providing an exceptional user experience, Team Infidigit prioritized optimizing the page speed and load time of multiple boots-related pages in accordance with Google guidelines. Through careful analysis, we identified the factors impacting performance and implemented a comprehensive strategy to address them.

Our approach included code optimization, where we fine-tuned the website’s underlying code structure to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary elements that could slow down loading times. Additionally, we implemented image compression techniques to reduce file sizes without compromising visual quality, ensuring faster image rendering on the pages. Furthermore, we made server configuration enhancements, optimizing caching and compression settings to minimize server response times and enable quicker delivery of content to users’ browsers.

By implementing these measures, we successfully achieved swift loading times for the boots-related pages, resulting in a seamless browsing experience for fashion enthusiasts. Users could explore the captivating world of boots without frustrating delays, aligning with Google’s guidelines for optimal page speed and providing a positive user experience.

Solely Sorted: Putting the Right Foot Forward with Canonical Clarity

Team Infidigit uncovered canonical issues on pages associated with boots-related topics. Unfortunately, due to incorrect canonical tags, these pages were mistakenly canonicalized to the homepage. Collaborating closely with the client, we compiled a comprehensive list of these affected pages and effectively rectified the situation, ensuring accurate canonical attribution.

The Result

Superbalist.com has achieved remarkable success in the dynamic world of footwear fashion through a strategic blend of SEO tactics, specifically optimizing the boots category for individuals seeking to purchase boots. By implementing various optimization techniques, such as meta tag optimization, refined headers for smooth navigation, resolution of page-level issues, integration of contextual footer links, execution of off-page strategies, and content optimization, Superbalist.com has established itself as the ultimate online destination for stylish boots.

The impressive results speak for themselves, with a staggering 1096.93% increase in organic revenue and an incredible 1015% rise in transactions within the boots campaign alone. This exceptional achievement reflects Superbalist.com’s commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail. By capturing the attention of fashion-forward individuals, the brand has solidified its position at the forefront of the industry, ensuring continued growth, and recognition, and providing an exceptional shopping experience for those looking to purchase boots.

In May 2023, the following results were achieved as compared to December 2022 :

1. Organic Revenue increased by 1083.67%  in the Boots Campaign

2. Organic Transactions increased by 1001.67%  in the Boots Campaign

3. Organic Sessions increased by 499.34% in the Boots Campaign

4. Overall Clicks increased by 369.73% in the Boots Campaign

5. Overall Impressions increased by 282.16% in the Boots Campaign

6. Non-Brand Clicks increased by 384.64% in the Boots Campaign

7. Non-Brand Impressions increased by 397.30% in the Boots Campaign

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11x growth : Infidigit achieved 1097% increase in organic revenue for Superbalist