How Infidigit helped Teapigs Australia to develop users and SEO friendly website

The Client

A premium tea brand based in Australia, Teapigs (a Tata Consumer brand) was created by tea lovers to drive the industry towards modernisation and sustainability.

You’ll find Teapigs in lovely cafes and delis, food halls and grocers, hotels and restaurants up and down the country… and in over 40 countries too! Our teas have won over 157 Great Taste Awards, we’ve been voted best brand 4 times by independent retailers, and we have a team of over 40 brilliant Teapigs.

A tea lover’s paradise! Immerse yourself in the world of tea & its unique flavours. Teapigs is now in Australia.

The Objective

Teapigs, renowned for its exceptional online tea offerings in the UK, wanted to expand its reach to Australia. With the creation of a robust website gateway, Teapigs seeks to captivate the Australian market with its premium tea selections. A formidable online presence will guide Australians on a delightful journey of tea exploration.

  • Establish an online presence in the Australian region
  • Developing a responsive mobile friendly Shopify based e-commerce website
  • Follow industry standards and guidelines for security

The Challenge

A new venture commences as Teapigs embarks on its mission to penetrate the Australian market. Creating a user-friendly website that effectively captures the essence of Teapigs presents an array of thrilling challenges. Let’s dive into the key obstacles that will shape this journey.

  • Developing the wholesale functionality for bulk orders
  • Guidelines to be followed as per Australian region
  • Develop a subscription-based model for users
  • Website to be made live within 1 month

The Solution

To address all the above-mentioned roadblockers, Infidigit provided the Teapigs team with a solution which consisted of the below mentioned points

Retaining the brand UI/UX

The primary objective of this website development project was to preserve and enhance the brand’s thematic consistency and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) design. Infidigit’s development team engaged in several in-depth discussions with the Teapigs team to gain a comprehensive understanding of their design preferences and expectations. Based on the valuable input provided by Teapigs, our team initiated the development of page templates tailored for various categories, including the collection, product, and home pages.

Reponsive and Mobile Friendly Pages

Infidigit team have optimized page design for exceptional responsiveness across all devices, guaranteeing a seamless and intuitive user experience. Regardless of whether users accessing our site from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they can expect consistent performance and accessibility, fostering heightened user engagement and satisfaction.

Develop subscription based model for users

The Infidigit development team has engineered a subscription-based payment structure designed to amplify the customer’s lifetime value (LTV). This framework not only allows users to tailor their product subscriptions with flexible delivery frequencies but also grants the liberty to bundle various products and offers straightforward management tools.

Develop Wholesale Functionality

Aiming at growth, the Teapigs team sought to accommodate wholesale clients. Recognizing this need, we crafted a seamless wholesale portal within Teapigs’ website, effectively bridging the gap between retail and wholesale consumers.

Page Speed Optimization and Performance

Ensuring optimal webpage speed is a paramount priority. To enhance page speed performance, the Infidigit team took a comprehensive approach from the outset, which included uploading streamlined and responsive images, refining database utilization, eliminating unnecessary scripts and CSS files, and selecting and deploying plugins specifically tailored for core web vitals.

Integrating Secured Payment Gateway

Ensuring a secure and efficient payment gateway is essential for uninterrupted online transactions. To provide a flawless and secure experience, the Infidigit team meticulously tested all processes and integrated the Stripe payment gateway into our system.

The Result

In a timely manner, we were able to deliver the live website within 1 month of the shared requirement. Teapigs team was cooperative in providing content-related information and images, as well as reaching out to us for any queries related to the subscription process. Our meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive planning greatly contributed to the successful execution of the project.

Desktop Version

Mobile Version

Desktop Collection Page

Collection Mobile Page

Mobile Friendly Test

GT Metrix

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Teapigs Website Development Case Study