SEO Implementation Increased Walkway Shoes’ Revenue by 172%

The Client

Walkway Shoes—a footwear shopping destination for the family, owned by Metro Brands Ltd. The brand is recognized for its value-for-money footwear collection for men, women and kids. Walkway has been bestowed with a trust seal from Metro Brands Ltd., the leading footwear brand in India with a legacy dating back to 1977. In fact, Walkway is part of a larger network of more than 750 stores under the umbrella of Metro Brands.

The Objective

Walkway Shoes approached Infidigit with the objective of expanding its customer base and enhancing brand recognition in the online marketplace. The company sought to attract new customers and improve brand awareness in the highly competitive digital landscape. The brand set two objectives for the team, which included:

  • Increase discoverability and drive users to the website
  • Increase sessions on the e-commerce website

The Challenge

While working towards the goals set by the brand, there were several challenges that required attention and action. These challenges included:

  • The primary challenge was to develop a technically optimized website that could deliver an engaging user experience and achieve higher visibility in search engine results. 
  • Another challenge was the low volume of organic traffic, with the majority of visitors being brand-focused users. This suggested that the website was not effectively reaching out to potential customers.
  • Besides the homepage and a handful of category pages, no other pages were indexed. This was a caused hindrance to driving traffic and increasing conversions.

The Solution

To address the challenges, the Infidigit team developed a comprehensive solution to improve the website’s technical optimization and enhance its visibility to potential customers. The key points that became the base of the strategy are:

  • Website Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO Optimization

Website Audit

The website was audited using an extensive audit checklist on different parameters. The audit report defined a roadmap for technical SEO as per recommendations and their impact.

Technical SEO

Technical fixes such as updating the robots.txt file, self-referencing canonical tag, sitemap, caching issue, schema, customer reviews section and breadcrumb optimization were performed. These integrations together improved the overall technical SEO health score, which helped Google crawl, index and rank the web page higher on SERPs.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Off-page optimization helps build a website’s recognition and domain authority. So, the Infidigit team built high-quality backlinks from external websites to Walkway Shoes’ platform in order to increase its online presence, crawling, backlinks and domain authority.

The Result

Infidigit played a crucial role in helping Walkway Shoes achieve its revenue goals by implementing effective organic SEO strategies. The following improvements are evidence of our success:

  • There was significant growth in the revenue via an organic channel (SEO)
  • It was also observed that the number of organic sessions had improved, resulting in an increased number of users
  • A boost in e-commerce conversion rate was noted, with more customers completing transactions on the website, leading to an increase in the average order value
  • There was a massive improvement in user engagement as well. As the average number of pages viewed per session increased


Growth in Revenue


Growth in Organic Sessions


Growth in Users


Growth in Page Per Session


Growth in Transactions


Growth in Average Order Value


Growth in E-Commerce Conversion Rate

Organic Growth

Transaction Growth

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Walkway Shoes Case Study