Infidigit helped Zee5 achieve a whopping 410% increase in organic session

The Client

Zee5, launched in 2018, is a prominent streaming platform with a global reach, offering content in 12 languages and spanning 190+ countries. It boasts a vast library of 4500+ films and 200+ TV shows, making it a significant player in the Indian streaming landscape with continuous content expansion.

The Objective

Improve Organic Search Traffic

The aim was to increase the number of users who visit the ZEE5 website through search channels. With a plan to optimize the website’s content and structure to attract traffic and enhance our search engine rankings.

Position ZEE5, as a Leading OTT Platform

Our goal was to establish ZEE5 as one of the notch OTT platforms in the industry. This involved not only attracting users but also building a strong brand presence and reputation in the competitive OTT landscape.

Exceed Previous Sites Visitor Benchmark

Our target was to surpass the benchmark set by the old site, OZEE, in terms of site visits. This benchmark acts as a reference point for measuring the success of our efforts to improve traffic on our website.

The Challenge

Obstacle with CSR Framework

The use of Angular.js as a Client Side Rendering (CSR) framework on the website caused difficulties in crawling and indexing of web pages for Googlebot. This technical challenge made it harder to convey content relevance to search engines.

Issue with Content Duplication

The existence of domains, DittoTV and Ozee led to problems with content. This duplication had an impact on ZEE5s search visibility. 

Challenges with SPA Technology

The website’s single-page application (SPA) nature complicated traditional crawling and indexing processes, which could potentially limit SEO capabilities and hinder search engine performance.

The Solution

Hybrid rendering (Content cache/static version)

Since ZEE5 is on a complete CSR platform (Angular.js), it becomes difficult for Googlebot to crawl & index the content. This makes it challenging to rank for keywords as Google cannot understand the content because the content is rendered via dynamic JS elements. The solution to this was hybrid rendering, wherein a website was created on the SSR framework to generate content in a static format which helped us in gaining rank for many keywords.

Content duplication

ZEE5 as a domain had few predecessors like DittoTV & Ozee. These domains were creating duplication with respect to content, and ZEE5, being a younger domain, was affected due to this duplication. This was resolved by redirecting these domains to the relevant content on ZEE5.

Structure Markup implementation

Being an OTT website, it was important for ZEE5 to rank in the videos section of Google to get the attention of more new users. This was achieved by implementing relevant schemas on the pages which led to ranking in different sections of SERPs (Videos & Images), a huge surge in users was seen from the Videos section in Google SERPs due to this implementation

Holistic backlink plan

A holistic plan was created to increase the domain’s backlinks using various activities like social bookmarking, video submissions, forum submissions, articles, PDF & image submissions. Also, question & answers & Wikipedia backlinks were essential activities to gain backlinks from authoritative & diverse domains.

Content Marketing

We have been creating and developing strategies to promote the ZEE5 Original Content and Existing Content with unique content ideas. The content marketing ideas are composed targeting the recent facts and trends considering SEO and user-friendly aspects. The same has increased user engagement and brand visibility.

The Result


Ranking on 1st Position


Organic Video Views increased


Organic Sessions improved


Increase in Non-brand Clicks


Increase in Organic Market Share


Increase in Market Share - Movie Category


Increase in Market Share- Generic Category


Increase in Market Share - Regional category

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ZEE5 Case Study