AI VS Human Written Content

Kaushal Thakkar is the Founder and MD of Infidigit. He has developed award-winning search strategies for various organizations, ranging from large enterprise and e-commerce websites to small and medium-sized businesses. Before Infidigit, he was leading digital marketing, product, and eCommerce initiatives at Myntra (a Walmart Company), Times Group, ICICI Group, Tata Group. Being an engineer and product manager in his earlier days, he loves to hack growth for websites via technical SEO strategies. He is a speaker at various forums and a Pro bono guest lecturer on Organic Search, Digital Marketing, Analytics & eCommerce. In X @

AI VS Human Written Content

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    Question :

    AI VS Human Written Content: Which is preferable by Search Engine?

    Answer :

    Manual is desirable but yes we took the Spy example just two questions back right yeah so you’ll have to strategize it okay how are we going to create the content and based on that decide whether it’s AI or human if there is low competition nobody’s ranking and all the content which is ranking here you could experiment with AI content see how it ranks uh to make it a little easier but yeah if it doesn’t rank manual is the best way where you can put intelligent comments export content within that curtain content which will help it right better.

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    AI VS Human Written Content