The Impact of Publishing 500 Articles Simultaneously

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The Impact of Publishing 500 Articles Simultaneously

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    What happens if we publish 500 articles at a time?

    Let’s consider a situation where the content which you are writing this 500 units ideally the best situation is to post it as and when it is getting generated right so if 10 are generated I would say post those 10 on that particular day tomorrow Post 10 day after tomorrow post another 10 and that’s how you come up to that right so that’s the best way and that’s looks also more organic for Google also that hey every day they’re doing 5 or 10 articles so that’s the best way to do it I’m not an advocate of putting 500 content together but at the same time let’s say if there is no content available in that particular Niche because you spoke of a product which is a kind of some Innovation which has never been there so far right yeah so my question there specifically is if somebody is looking for an ironing board or an iron to iron their clothes my result should appear automatically because it is so useful unique and revolutionary completely high but yeah here definitely you’re going to need support of multiple other channels to show that hey you are the expert now in that particular domain and it can’t be built on the day one it’s not in right you may have to take a lot of help of PR news Etc to first kind of promote that particular thing multiple people would have to connect to that particular page where you’re speaking of this that website which has those 500 articles and then it would be able to rank but it’s not going to happen instantly on a particular day now for such kind of domains where let’s say there’s no content right you’re speaking of some Innovation where is putting 500 units of content no harm in it but yes that’s not an advisable strategy I would yet say that okay keep on doing those 5-10 every day that’s a much better approach.

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    The Impact of Publishing 500 Articles Simultaneously