Considering a DR of 70: Is Linking to a Lower DR Website a Wise Decision for SEO?

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Considering a DR of 70: Is Linking to a Lower DR Website a Wise Decision for SEO?

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    If the DR of my website is about 70 will it be wise for me to accept a link on my website for a website with lower DR than mine?

    Really nice question and this is something which is there as a challenge in the industry let’s see if you were Google and you are ranking my website which had a DR of 70. right and I only created backlinks from website which are higher than 70. would you feel that I’m doing this backlinking organically or will you think that I’m building this backlinks inorganically you will be able to clearly understand that okay all the websites have the backlinks which are coming from, let’s say domain Authority 10 domain Authority 20 domain Authority 30. suddenly this website only stands out and has only backlinks which are coming from domain Authority 70 Plus right wouldn’t it be a signal to Google that this website is doing something wrong and trying to use some blackhead practices to drive organic rankings Google is intelligent enough and it can understand this much it can help us with answers also it’s intelligent enough to understand this kind of practices right so that’s where at least I recommend that you should have more of rankings links being built from across all the different kinds of domains while the domain Authority 60-70 and above they become very expensive if you don’t have the budget don’t build even those links focus at least on the lower ones and try to get some backlinks from there but at the end your overalls link which you are getting from different-different websites that should be at par with what your competitors and what the overall industry averages it should not be that you are an outlier in terms of building the backlink and you are focusing only on backlinks if you’re doing that it’s a clear signal to Google that hey you’re building the backlinks and top of that Google has already started sending so many manual notices to so many websites where who are building backlinks like this right they even know because bloggers are sending email even to Google guys and saying that hey do you want to get backlinks for Google right so it is this kind of instances which are happening right now in the industry Google is well aware about that entire ecosystem which is generating based on it so in such times if you are forcefully creating the backlinks I would say at least try to ensure that those also look organic in nature right some people even follow practices of let’s I’ll do all the backlinks in the month of January after that I’ll not build backlinks for the entire year even those kind of ways are just signals to Google that hey every year this people particularly they have the budget in the initial few months and they exhaust the budget in the first few months complete the backlinks and then there is no backlinks again that is a signal to Google that hey this is something you know looks very inorganic as compared to building the links right so please follow all those practices that would help thank you.

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    Considering a DR of 70: Is Linking to a Lower DR Website a Wise Decision for SEO?