Choosing the Best Platform for SEO: Custom Code, WordPress, Shopify, or Wix?

Kaushal Thakkar is the Founder and MD of Infidigit. He has developed award-winning search strategies for various organizations, ranging from large enterprise and e-commerce websites to small and medium-sized businesses. Before Infidigit, he was leading digital marketing, product, and eCommerce initiatives at Myntra (a Walmart Company), Times Group, ICICI Group, Tata Group. Being an engineer and product manager in his earlier days, he loves to hack growth for websites via technical SEO strategies. He is a speaker at various forums and a Pro bono guest lecturer on Organic Search, Digital Marketing, Analytics & eCommerce. In X @

Choosing the Best Platform for SEO: Custom Code, WordPress, Shopify, or Wix?

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    What do you suggest for a developer to build a website with best SEO custom code WordPress Shopify or Wix?

    So if you are creating a Content website I would prefer WordPress if you are creating an e-commerce website I would say Shopify those are my favorite platforms now let’s come to that question that would I suggest or not now let’s say if you tell me that hey kaushal I don’t know WordPress I don’t know Shopify but I want to build a website and I am a rockstar engineer who can create a CMS in one day and customize it based on all the SEO needs in another two three hours then I would say go for custom code if you’re such a rockstar engineer right for that matter even for the e-commerce website that hey I can build a platform and I can do it by myself in such a faster way then I would say do it because even with and you don’t know WordPress or Shopify so in that case I would say custom code but in this day and age where over the years this platforms have already grown so well right WordPress has millions of website which is on WordPress Shopify has millions of website which is on Shopify why to reinvent the week right why not use the existing platforms and customize it and build on top of that way in most realistic situation you will see that the performance is much faster and that’s where I would suggest use one of this platform instead of Reinventing the wheel.

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    Choosing the Best Platform for SEO: Custom Code, WordPress, Shopify, or Wix?