Optimizing Core Web Vitals: Key Parameters to Focus On

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Optimizing Core Web Vitals: Key Parameters to Focus On

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    What parameters should I focus on in the core web vitals?

    See core web vitals at least get the past thing that’s important the other thing when you say that okay what should I focus on with core web vital I would say you should focus on becoming better than your competitor many of you would have heard that story of let’s say in a jungle that there is this two friends who were there and friends or enemies whatever you want to say but at least two people who were there and they saw that hey there’s a beer coming by and they had no alternative but to run from there the first person said that hey we will have to run faster than the bear the other person said that no I have to just run faster than you right it’s similar when it comes to core web vitals to rank first Google has to rank one website at number one it can’t say that hey I’m going to all the websites are poor at core web vital so I’m going to rank all the websit below 10 Google has to rank somebody at number one right so what you need to ensure is when you tell me that what should I focus on in terms of core web bitles I would say that your LCP score Etc should be much better and your page Load time should be much more efficient as compared to your competitors that’s where you crack it right many times we see best of the websites right even my website infidigit one be the best in terms of page load time but we have to ensure that for a particular keyword we are better than the competitors that’s the race which we should be in.

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    Optimizing Core Web Vitals: Key Parameters to Focus On