Google’s Stance on Penalties for Content Generated by ChatGPT

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Google’s Stance on Penalties for Content Generated by ChatGPT

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    Has Google pronounced any penalties for content which is directly picked up from chat GPT?

    See it is clearly saying that okay it is going to rank only the EEAT content the chat GPT content other stuff may not be considered now what is happening at least I’ll just give you a little detail about the industry and I shared it in that example as well websites which were purely ranking only on chat GPT content I started seeing their rankings plummet even let’s say if your website is reputed and you’re getting let’s say 1000 sessions organically without AI content now when you start generating AI content and try to be a little more aggressive around it that hey you say that I have 50 pages of content and I’ll put another 50 pages of content via AI now this current 50 pages is helping you gain that thousand sessions right now right and what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to get some more AI content and you’re feeling that okay with this new AI content I’ll try to get another thousand now while you’re being greedy that is also a possibility that Google understands that hey this particular content is something which is completely AI it’s not adding any value there is it has no eeat score and because of which I feel that this particular website generates lots of AI content which is of no value so the overall value your website was which was providing let’s say only human content if it was providing this much value now with AI content it’s quite possible that Google says that hey the eeat score of this particular website is little lesser than what I think so even your existing traffic becomes at risk so that’s the reason we say that you have to be very cautious when you are building the content you have to ensure that you look at this particular thing very regularly you are measuring all those metrics very regularly in terms of your rankings your clicks your impressions all those metrics will have to be very closely observed so that you don’t get penalized unknowingly right that okay you you didn’t we’re not looking at the metrics and you’d realize that at the end of the month when you check the numbers you just realized that hey on the seventh of the month Google had penalized me and I was not even aware about it so look at it every day I would say at least if you’re generating AI content so that at least you are aware that hey something is going wrong and you can immediately take corrective actions thank you.

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    Google’s Stance on Penalties for Content Generated by ChatGPT