Long-Tail Keywords on Head Keyword Ranking?

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Long-Tail Keywords on Head Keyword Ranking?

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    Question :

    Impact of Long-Tail Keywords on Head Keyword Ranking?

    Answer :

    Okay good question will longtail keywords help you to rank the head keywords. Yes it can, see what happens is we spoke about uh the popularity of the website how it is able to handle the customer experiences all that stuff right. So when you start ranking for the longtail you’re giving an indication that this website is doing good for the long tail now Google wants to experiment that okay can it handle. Let’s say the Torso key or the middle tail keywords if you do well at that also then it will definitely help you with what you people are terming it as the head keywords that also it will help so yes the longtail keywords if you start ranking for the longtail keywords it increases your probability for ranking for the head keywords in the future.

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    Long-Tail Keywords on Head Keyword Ranking?