Impact of Page Rank and Alexa Rank in SEO

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Impact of Page Rank and Alexa Rank in SEO

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    Question :

    Page rank and Alexa rank do they still matter in SEO?

    Answer :

    These are factors that were created based on Google’s page rank. While they have lost, it’s not a ranking signal it’s just a measurement signal it gives some indication of how is your website being treated by an algorithm which is a copy, not an exact copy but a copy of what the Google algorithm is so it gives indication, but it should not be considered as a North Star metric. When I speak of the North Star metric it is that particular metric that is your final goal. Some people consider that you get my Alexa rank from here to here that’s my goal now that’s something that I’m saying you don’t know that’s not to be done. Your objective should be that get me this much revenue get me this many sessions get me this many leads those can be the North Star metric. But yes one of the subordinate metrics when you are in the initial stages of getting the website you’re not getting too many sessions on your website let’s say and you want to understand whether your website is going and becoming better or becoming worse at that point in time all these things all this smaller metrics would matter.

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    Impact of Page Rank and Alexa Rank in SEO