Ideal SEO Action Plan for New Venture?

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Ideal SEO Action Plan for New Venture?

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    Question :

    What will be the ideal SEO plan of action for this new venture?

    Answer :

    But the first thing it will start with is keyword research, let’s say you are doing this event so let’s say there are keywords like events in Mumbai events, in Delhi, events in Bangalore, and multiple other towns wherever you are located and whatever locations you’re coming that’s the most basic thing then people may be searching, let’s say maybe party areas in Delhi, party areas in Mumbai, something like that people could also be speaking. Let’s say restaurants I don’t know if you call restaurants but yeah so whatever your different categories of content or different categories of events that you’re covering each one of them becomes a keyword bucket or a cohort of keywords right so location-based keywords, specific type event type based keywords so those cohorts will have to be first created now based on this you’ll have to decide which all of these pages I actually have and which a lot of the pages I don’t have so then you will get into that page creation process once your page creation is done. You’ll start deciding how am I internally linking right so all our modules which you see if you go through this week’s day one content and understand the flow of that entire thing which I have covered I’ve specifically kept it in a manner that okay for a new website when they’re going through it they take it step by step and start covering it first and then they get into the higher technical Concepts which came into the subsequent section so you’ll have to go through all the things all the things which we learned in this last two days at least cover it up and then start making your website based on it.

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    What will be the ideal SEO plan of action for this new venture

    Ideal SEO Action Plan for New Venture?