Unlocking EEAT Score Insights: Tools for Website Evaluation

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Unlocking EEAT Score Insights: Tools for Website Evaluation

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    Many other people again asking for this question around EEAT score what are the tools for finding the EEAT score of a website?

    No reliable tool for this particular thing that hey this is my EEAT score something like that but reliable source I’m saying there are many small tools which will give you some scores out of it but nothing reliable see over the session also when I was speaking about it I spoke of multiple points right that hey are websites linking back to you are there good number of websites linking back to you, do you have your content which is regularly getting published even if you make a small checklist out of those particular points which I shared with you today even if you make that thing across those four points I spoke of let’s say four points each so I spoke of 16 different points within those four slides right so even if you make a score off on a spreadsheet and tick mark each of the page with this 16 things you will have a good scoring mechanism at least and over the period what will happen is as in when you start understanding Google more and more your checklist itself will start becoming more and more extensive and you’ll be able to rank it based on that that would be a better way to do it but yes whatever tools are there those are very small tools as of now which gives you your EEAT score right and you’ll have to analyze your score by yourself itself.

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    Unlocking EEAT Score Insights: Tools for Website Evaluation