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Unlike industries like manufacturing and consumer goods, the banking and finance industry was relatively late to take advantage of the upsurge in digital users. However, its impact has been much greater and precise.

SEO for BFSI - Importance and Tips

Unlike industries like manufacturing and consumer goods, the banking and finance industry was relatively late to take advantage of the upsurge in digital users. However, its impact has been much greater and precise. The shift to digital mediums in the BFSI industry has been rapid, and businesses are now crafting digital marketing initiatives to leave a larger impact.

Being the top result in the search engines for businesses in the BFSI industry has now become an essential element for their success.

How Is SEO Crucial for Banking & Financial Websites?

Let us interpret the approach of a normal user in 2022 looking to engage with a bank or financial sector. The user will most likely look for the services they need on Google using the relevant keyword to their use-case. If your BFSI business is not displayed at the top or even on the first page of the SERP, it is almost impossible for the user to find you.

Such a situation can be easily taken care of with the help of SEO for financial sector. Implementing the best SEO practices can help your online visibility grow, and bring in more prospective customers or leads. As a business in the BFSI industry, you would not want to miss out on generating prospective leads. Hence, SEO for BFSI is an absolutely essential element towards their success.

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Essential Steps to Include in Your SEO Strategy for BFSI

1. Conducting Thorough Keyword Research

Before crafting any marketing strategy, it is critical to find out what exactly your target audience is looking for. Hence, comprehensive keyword research is very important. Finding out all the search terms and phrases your target audience is searching for can give you clear insights on how to develop your marketing strategy.

Research shows that over 90% of the search queries conducted online are long-tail keywords. Keeping this in mind, be very careful in choosing the keywords in your SEO for BFSI strategy. Only choosing high-volume short keywords can mean that you lose out on users with a long-tail query.

2. Creating Engaging Content

For any digital marketing initiative, content plays the most important role in converting leads for BFSI businesses. If your content is not engaging and informative, you will lose out on valuable organic customers. Users come online to get their queries solved. If your content does not align with user intent and doesn’t offer them any value, it is of no worth. Make sure your content is offering users value and is engaging enough to keep their attention so they don’t bounce off your website.

3. Mobile-Friendly Website

Making your website mobile-friendly is a big part of building an SEO strategy. Google’s mobile-first indexing is another factor, as the search engine considers mobile-friendly websites first for indexing.

Designing your website for mobile devices can make it accessible for users to consume any information without facing any navigation or reading issues. Another thing you can do is create mobile apps where the users can avail benefits like raising requests, transactions, customer service, and more.

And lastly, your website should have at least SSL security integration in order to safeguard customer information.
Building links is another important SEO strategy. Linking your content to internal and external sources solidifies your website’s SEO. Getting links for your content on external sources with high domain authority and relevance can also significantly increase your rankings.

These link exchanges serve the purpose of telling Google what your pages are about. It helps Google index your pages faster, and rank them based on how relevant and authoritative the search engine perceives your content to be.

You can also obtain links through social media profiles, creating official social channels for your business and optimizing them. You can also obtain citations in directories for link building.

5. Images,Videos & Infographics

BFSI websites should have easily consumable content. Images, infographics, and videos are some of the most consumed forms of content that are easily understandable and appealing to users. Your customers are more likely to engage and share your content if your media is easy to access and consume. Since BFSI is a complex industry, it is always a good idea to push for multimedia content that makes it easy for the consumers to understand your offerings.

6. Create a Blog

Running a blog for your website is a critical part of content marketing in SEO. It significantly improves the user experience on your website, as blogs bring engagement and provide valuable information to users. Having a blog also increases your website’s chances of ranking high on SERPs. A study by Forbes found that about 60% of millennials and generation X consume content online via blogs and articles, which they consider as a source of relevant information for making decisions.

7. Local SEO

Optimize your local SEO to reach consumers in your local community. Using avenues like Google My Business (GMB), you can easily gain visibility to the users in your city or region. Just enter all the relevant business information in your GMB listing. This is a good way to start off optimizing your local SEO. You can get assistance from local SEO services providers like Infidigit to carry out other activities for you to make your local presence online strong too.

8. Measuring SEO Success

It is important to check if your efforts towards SEO for eCommerce websites are working or not. If it does not work, then the website will not get enough popularity, and the effort would be wasted. This measurement can be done with some tools, but the process can be incredibly hectic for those busy with work. Hence, getting an agency to conduct SEO for eCommerce websites is recommended as it is designed for optimal performance, and can constantly track and maintain growth.

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Time to Optimize SEO for BFSI

Now that you know all that is important about SEO for BFSI websites, it is time to put in the work to get your website ranked at the top of SERPs. Getting help from an established and experienced SEO service provider like Infidigit can strengthen your outcomes, and ensure a successful implementation of SEO strategies.