Renting Furniture Vertical 2019

Here’s your business competing with giants of the same industry over highly searched keywords related to renting furniture.

Unlike Market Share, Click Share is the calculation based on the Industry Click Through Rate (CTR), sample keywords ranking positions & their Search Volumes.

Let us make this easy for you.

We researched a sample set of 1,174 highly searched keywords related to Rent Furniture and noted a total of 5,66,510 monthly searches. How many of these searches drive your website traffic?

Top ranking businesses on Google have the highest conversion rates.

We can help you rank higher than the competition, and increase your conversion percentage because 15 years of our SEO knowledge has helped our clients with better ROI than their paid channels.

Now that you know your Click Share, would you also like to know how your Click Share could be improved?

If yes, feel free to contact us.

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Renting Furniture Vertical 2019