Best AI Copywriting Tools for Your Blog

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Best AI Copywriting Tools for Your Blog

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    What is AI copywriting?  

    Today, AI can save copywriters, marketers, and content creators time and effort. Ever since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, the AI frenzy has caught on, and we can find AI copywriting tools everywhere today.  

    AI copywriting is the process by which natural language processing software uses machine learning algorithms to produce humanized content for blogs, briefs, captions, scripts, emails, and more. 

    AI copywriting tools can produce content quickly, save you hours of research, form outlines, write PPC ads, and generate ideas for social media posts. However, copywriting AI tools are as good as the person using them. 

    Limitations of AI copywriting

    While AI copywriting tools are fantastic, you should remember that completely relying on an AI tool for your content needs isn’t feasible. The tool won’t produce original content; the bulk content would lack human touch and creativity. 

    Some other limitations of copywriting tools  include the following:

    • AI-generated content may get de-rated by search engine algorithms for lack of readability  
    • The AI-generated content isn’t original and won’t express any novel solution to the issue you talk about in your content
    • The data sets based on which AI tools produce content may be old or outdated. 
    • AI-generated content may be factually incorrect and produce bad conclusions from wrong information sources.  

    Best practices for AI copywriting 

    Get your information verified 

    Though copywriting tools are helpful, always have a fact-checking session to find the inaccuracies and false information before clicking on the ‘Publish’ button. Be careful about the content you post using ChatGPT as a slip may cost you your credibility and reputation.

    A study was conducted where ChatGPT was used to write abstracts for scientific papers. Expert reviewers identified only 68% of the fake ChatGPT-produced abstracts. Hence, always edit, refine, and improve the tone of your AI content to make it suitable for search engines and human readers. 

    Be aware of AI’s limitations 

    AI copywriting tools can rephrase content and map conclusions, but they cannot generate new ideas or decipher right from wrong. Your copy writing AI tool  is only as intelligent as the algorithm it uses to synthesize content based on your prompts. 

    Another study conducted to measure the accuracy of an app designed to identify cancerous skin lesions found that AI could not tell the difference between actual lesions and common flaws, such as flaws occurring due to overexposure in digital photos. 

    10 Best AI Copywriting Tools 

    OwlyWriter AI in Hootsuite 

    Owlywriter AI is a built-in copywriting AI tool that comes with Hootsuite. As an AI blog writer, it can save you hours of social media work by helping you:

    • Write social media captions in a specific tone based on your prompt
    • Develop a post based on the link you suggest 
    • Generate ideas on a keyword or topic suggestion and then extend the idea into a post
    •  Identify your top-performing posts and repurpose them 

    To begin using Owlywriter AI, head to the Inspiration section once you sign in to your Hootsuite account. The inspiration section suggests multiple content types you can choose from depending on your requirements. If you are unsure what to write or post, click on Get Inspired, type the general idea of the content you require, and let Owlywriter do the work for you. 

    Owlywriter is a great copywriting AI tool for content marketers, social media marketers, and business owners. 

    All Hootsuite plans starting at $99/month include Owlywriter. serves more as a rephrasing tool than a copywriting AI tool. You get 125 words in the standard mode, but if you upgrade to premium, you can edit the text to shorten or expand it, manage its flow and tones, and make it simple to read. 

    Along with a paraphrasing tool, also comes with a grammar and plagiarism checker, a text summarizer, and a co-writer tool. Another notable feature of the tool is a citation generator where you can enter a URL and choose from the many citation styles it shows as results. 

    It comes in a three-subscription model. The free premium gives a 2,500 summarizer word limit, while the premium version has unlimited words and all paraphrasing modes. Pricing starts at $8.33/month, billed at $99.95 annually. The team package starts at $7.50 for each writer. 

    Chat GPT 

    ChatGPT wasn’t the first AI copywriting tool, but it surely became the most popular one soon after it launched in November 2022. The hype around the tool sent the internet into a tizzy, leading to the creation of more tools in the market. 

    Its chat-style interface makes it easy for anyone to use it right away. Even if a writer or a marketer is unaware of generative AI software, it will appear familiar given its interface. It has a highly sophisticated level of interaction and uses natural language processing and ML algorithms to understand what a person asks of it. 

    It also remembers the history of the conversation and adjusts its responses accordingly. You can also write meta titles and meta descriptions with Chat GPT with the correct prompt. 

    The tool generated great attention over the last several months and was available to the masses for free. The paid version of ChatGPT is now available as Chat GPT-4 for $24 a month. 

    The paid version has a higher response time than the free version. The free version of Chat GPT is suited for content marketers looking to scale their content game or repurpose content for social media platforms. is your AI blog writer or copywriting tool that generates human-like content that’s ready to publish and requires minimal editing efforts on your part. Suggest a topic and some instructions to give it a creative direction to produce an outline. Once the outline is approved, creating articles, sales emails, social posts, and other content will take only a few minutes. 

    It has an easy step-by-step brief format and built-in templates for content creators to generate blog posts in a few minutes. It is a powerful tool for solo marketers or teams looking to boost content production.  

    You can subscribe to the paid plan at $49 a month for unlimited word count or enjoy up to 2,000 words per month free of cost. 


    Wordtune copywriting AI tool is affordable for content creators and digital marketers looking to repurpose, rephrase, and reword their content while keeping the flow and tone intact. It reduces editing time and is great for copywriters who need help shaping their copy. 

    It is an extension that can be used across platforms such as Google Docs, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Grammarly. It comes with a new auto-complete feature called Spices which helps you choose from several options like definitions, explanations, statistics, facts, examples, etc. 

    It assists with sentence-length content pieces or full-length articles. All you need is to choose the option and wait for the magic to happen. 

    Wordtune is available for free for up to 10 rewrites a day. If you want to access advanced features like tone adaptation, sentence length controllers, and others, you can sign up for premium at $9.99 a month or $119.88 a year. 


    Jasper is one of the popular AI copywriting tools capable of generating human-like content. It can help teams collaborate like writers and editors on Google Workspace. Its template library and cloud storage makes it a great choice for businesses of every kind. It can draft, edit, and approve copy assignments. 

    You only need to provide a brief for the content you are looking for and include additional instructions for tone, SEO, keywords, etc. Jasper’s document-style interface makes for a welcome change from other copywriting AI tools’ chat/dropbox interface. 

    Jasper helps marketing and content creation teams to be in sync. Its business plan helps you create content that matches your brand’s or existing content’s tone. It is available for free up to 10,000 words of content. You can also opt for a paid plan based on word count from $24 to $500 monthly. 

    Notion AI

    You already know Notion as a tasks and notes app with beautiful and functional templates.  It is a great productivity tool with a built-in AI copyrighting tool. It combines the power of a spreadsheet with the formatting options of a document. It has powerful AI copywriting features like idea brainstorming, jargon elimination, content drafting, etc. 

    All Notion users can use the tool to summarize what’s important and actionable for them, analyze meeting notes to generate the next steps and write summaries in less than half a minute. Instead of spending hours on research and foraging through sales call data, you can use Notion AI to bring to the surface what is important for you.

    You can write in several languages, such as Japanese, Spanish, German, etc., and edit voice and tone to match that of a CEO or manager or make your content longer or shorter as required.

    While Notion is a free app, Notion AI is a premium tool available for $10 monthly per user. 


    We mostly see AI copywriting tools producing generic content, but DeepL is a copywriting tool that helps you improve the localization of your content via translation. It uses AI to translate your content without tampering with the meaning and nuance.  

    It can be a highly effective and economical tool over human translators, but if you are generating content from scratch, you will require the services of an expert translator to check whether the content produced is accurate. Moreover, you need to check the content for readability and for any potential legal or Public Relations issues your translated copy might possess. 

    DeepL can produce content at scale and lead to cost savings as large companies only need to hire translators to edit the tool’s output. 

    The free version allows the translation of up to 3 documents and 3000 characters. DeepL also comes in a pro plan for $8 to $57 monthly for unlimited translations and more features.


    Wordsmith can help you transform your large data sets into insightful narratives and natural-sounding content to turn you into a data expert. As an AI blog writer, it creates content for your blogs, articles, websites, social media, product descriptions, and more. Its clients include big names like Associated Press, Yahoo! Sports, and NBA’s Orlando Magic. 

    It can rewrite your content for diverse purposes with minimum effort and allow you to produce content in over 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, etc. 

    It can help you create content, pre-built templates, and content briefs in bulk at lightning-fast speed, all in one place. You also get scalability and real-time analysis of your content and the freedom to publish from anywhere. 

    The pricing structure for this copywriting tool is available on request. You can request a free demo and contact Wordsmith to get a quote. 


    Writesonic is the choice of over 3,00,000 freelancers, businesses, and users. It can help you scale your business as the AI is trained on successful copy from popular brands. Among the AI copywriting tools, Writesonic has one of the largest content spreads ranging from copywriting features, company bios, and review responders to a YouTube title generator. 

    It can help you plan your content marketing strategy in a few simple steps – choose a template, enter a few lines of description about how you want the content to be, and get multiple copy samples from which you can choose the one that best suits you.  

    Besides, its new chatbot feature Chatsonic allows you to get fast answers to your questions, similar to ChatGPT. It comes with 25 plus languages, Zapier integrations, WordPress exporter, and multiple browser extensions. 

    The tool is available in a three-tier pricing structure:

    • Free trial of up to 2,500 premium words 
    • 190,000 monthly economy words and 100 plus features at $12.67 per month
    • A custom plan based on the specific needs of the business. 


    AI copywriting tools can help you scale your content creation game. 

    In this digital age where content is king, brands must be active on all kinds of online and social media platforms. AI copywriting tools can help you rewrite, restructure and repurpose content to suit the specific requirements of each social media platform and help you achieve your marketing goals. 

    Learning how to use these copywriting tools isn’t a difficult task. All you need is to become a pro by entering the right kind of prompts for it to generate the content you require. Always go for a demo or free trial to check the suitability of the AI tool. Once you arrive at a conclusion, choose the one that best meets your business goals and objectives.  


    What is an AI copywriter? 

    AI copyrighted is a copywriting software that generates blogs, articles, landing pages, outlines, website copy, social media posts, and more content pieces based on the prompt and instructions. These tools produce content based on machine learning algorithms and large data sets fed into their system. 

    These copywriter tools produce human-like content in bulk with little time and effort from the copywriter or content creator. 

    Can blogs be written by AI?

    Yes, an AI blog writer or copywriter tool can write many content pieces, including blogs. However, copywriters and content creators shouldn’t rely entirely on these AI tools to create content. This is because AI content lacks human emotion and doesn’t motivate readers. Also, it tends to be generic, and the information may sometimes be outdated. 

    You can still use AI as an initiation point to set up your outlines or fix the writer’s block. However,depending on it for writing entire articles isn’t feasible. 

    Can content writers be replaced by AI? 

    The copyrighting AI tools are fed large amounts of data that already exists on the internet. Based on these data sets, the AI blog writer produces content to match your prompts. However, AI tools lack emotion and creativity and cannot match the human touch a content writer can add to a text. 

    Therefore, writers should not worry about the fact that AI may replace them in the near future.  Though it produces some great content, it still cannot match the caliber of an experienced copywriter. Writers must leverage the power of these tools to speed up and upgrade their writing process. 

    Is AI copywriting worth it?

    AI copyrighting can speed up your content creation, ideation, and outline phase. It saves time and effort spent in getting your content on the page. All you need is to enter a prompt and a few instructions on how you want the tone and style to be. 

    The AI blog writer or copywriter tool will present you with an outline, a list of ideas, briefs, and starter paragraphs, which you can use to your advantage and produce a copy that’s yours. You can edit the content to match your style and check if it is factually correct and visually engaging. 

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