How to use ChatGPT for Keyword Research?

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How to use ChatGPT for Keyword Research?

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    ChatGPT can be one of the best tools for SEO that strategists can add to their list of free keyword research tools. However, ChatGPT cannot replace conventional research tools, and you shouldn’t solely base your content strategy on the ChatGPT keyword research alone. 

    Chat GPT keyword research can help save time and effort and reveal untapped wells of keywords that will give you an edge over competitor websites, topic analysis and outlines, and keyword rabbit holes. 

    This post .takes you through a series of prompts to use ChatGPT as a powerful assistant for keyword research.  

    The Best ChatGPT Keyword Research Questions

    The efficacy of ChatGPT for keyword research depends largely on the effectiveness of the prompts for conducting keyword research and some additional advanced use cases for ChatGPT. 

    It should be noted that Chat GPT keyword research isn’t based on search volume and other metrics, which tools like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, and Semrush have access to. Despite that, ChatGPT can be useful for several research functions if given the right prompts. 

    Let’s dive straight into these prompts and how they can be successively improved to help ChatGPT deliver astounding research results useful in SEO planning: 

    • Generating ideas for topics and keywords

    Chat GPT for keyword research is a better alternative tool to find untapped pockets of keywords. This is because your competitors must use the same tools and find and target the same keywords. ChatGPT can give subtopics that can be researched further down the line. 

    • Competitive research that is done quickly

    ChatGPT keyword research can be an initiation point for your keyword planning as it doesn’t have the most recent data, nor is it comprehensive. But it can help give a quick idea about the competitive landscape for a particular niche. 

    • Social Media and influencer analysis

    SEO planning also encompasses finding the right influencer accounts to promote your products on social media. You will have a quick list of names to work on for articles and FAQs. However, GPT-3 data isn’t recent, and Twitter blocked access to ChatGPT in December 2022. 

    • Identify actionable keyword ideas

    Now that you have a list of sub-topics and a ‘high-level’ category, it’s time to convert that into an actionable set of keywords. You cannot procure search volume or keyword difficulty but use ChatGPT to procure a list of seed words to be explored on a traditional keyword tool. 

    • Creation, growth, and cleanup of a keyword list

    ChatGPT can prove critical and save you hours of manual research work by combining different modifiers with a target term to grow your keyword list. For instance, the prompt ‘create a list of terms with popular restaurants in Houston and sushi.  

    • Keyword research at a page level

    ChatGPT is useful to pull out themes and common terms from the top-ranking article you paste into the prompt. You can follow up with another question asking for more specific advice or compare your article with another top raking article. 

    • ChatGPT requests APIs for keyword research

    ChatGPT for keyword research can also help SEO strategists interface with multiple keyword tool APIs. If you aren’t aware of the technical knowledge, you can also ask ChatGPT to take you through the process step by step. 

    • Regular expressions for ChatGPT keyword research

    One of the best practices for SEO is using a search console to unearth keywords. Enter a prompt in ChatGPT to use regular expressions (regex) within the search console to find keywords targeting specific opportunities. 

    • Create your tools

    Using a set of effective prompts, you can push ChatGPT into providing step-by-step tutorials and building new plugins and keyword research tools for specific functions. 

    Tips for ChatGPT keyword research

    ChatGPT can be a valuable keyword research tool for SEO strategies if used correctly. It is free or costs up to $20 for a month. Some useful tips and suggestions to leverage ChatGPT keyword research capabilities include:

    • Use dev environments and sandboxes when the prompts concern codes or instructions. 
    • Check the ChatGPT suggested keywords against search volume and competitive analysis to confirm their usability for your site and bandwidth. 
    • ChatGPT cannot crawl URLs and isn’t updated. Hence, use the ChatGPT output cautiously and confirm its feasibility before deploying it in your SEO strategies

    Broader Strategies for ChatGPT keyword research

    As a virtual SEO assistant, ChatGPT should be used to the best of its capabilities. Make sure to use the ChatGPT API for various functions if the character limit poses a hindrance in large-scale keyword queries and ideation. Marry multiple APIs using ChatGPT prompts to reveal complex keyword research results and let ChatGPT handle your tedious and time-consuming keyword research tasks.

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    How to use ChatGPT for Keyword Research?