A Marketer’s Checklist On Content Marketing Trends

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A Marketer’s Checklist On Content Marketing Trends

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    The creation of valuable and relevant content with respect to the user is what content marketing is all about. It has proved to be more effective and efficient when compared to traditional marketing methods. This is why updation of content marketing strategies as per the ongoing trends is something that every marketer must carry out.

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    Looking at the ongoing trends, here’s a list of the ones that are ranking on every marketer’s ‘To-do-list’:

    • Video Content Creation

    No marketer can deny the fact that video content is ruling the digital world. Take any popular platform, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter, viewers now prefer video content over anything else. 

    The intention of people watching a video is not always buying. Video content is also preferred when it comes to learning about new products or a review of a particular service. Not only that, but shoppers have also stated that videos have helped them decide on which product or brand to choose. Today, shoppers opt for video content because it helps them decide which specific brand or product to buy.

    Tip: For a brand, the most crucial factor to consider in video creation is the introduction. That is where the viewer gains an interest in what you want to say. A less compelling introduction can lead to viewers closing the video and not return back. 

    The most popular video content trends right now are – 

    1. Vlog
    2. Product Review
    3. DIY – Do it yourself
    4. BTS – Behind the scenes
    5. Live streaming
    • Podcasts

    Podcasts have become one of the most popular and important content marketing services today. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is its universal appeal. Be it entertainment, music, movies, sports, books, etc., almost every topic has been covered by podcasts today. 

    Also, the ease of accessibility to a podcast is something that has pulled the audience towards it. With time, many brands and businesses have used podcasts to discuss the ongoing trends and developments related to a particular topic of interest. 

    Tip: If you think that creating a podcast is not something that you are looking for, you can feature in someone else’s podcast. This way, you have the chance to increase your audience with little or no investment.

    • Voice-Search Assistant 

    With the entry of voice-assistants like Alexa and Siri, the use of voice-search is ascending day by day. This means that people are now opting to search queries by using their voice instead of manually typing the query on search engines. This has forced brands to develop effective voice-activated content that can easily be optimized by the voice-assistants.

    Tip: Your content should sound natural and easy-to-understand. Avoid using complicated language and long phrases.

    • Personalized Content

    The way you communicate with your audience on an individual level matters a lot, especially since the expectations of people today have changed. Being relevant and true to what the person wants is the key. That is why personalization of the content is important. This will not only help your brand but will ensure that the customer receives content that they care about. For that, you need to study your audience’s online behaviour and preferences.

    Tip: Only gathering information or data isn’t going to help you. Analyze the same responsibly to generate content that is more intuitive and appealing to the target audience.

    To sum it up, content marketing in 2020 is all about inviting people to experience your brand with the help of tailored and compelling content. If you embrace these trends, you’ll surely go way ahead in the industry.

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    A Marketer’s Checklist On Content Marketing Trends