SEO Content Trends in 2020 That Need Your Attention

SEO Content Trends

2020 is just a few weeks away, and the competitive SEO sphere is showing no signs of slowing down. With regular updates, such as Google’s BERT, trickling in, the idea of best practices in SEO has evolved. Hence, if you intend to keep pace with the SEO content trends of 2020, here are a few of them that you must absolutely know of:


SEO Content Trends 2020 #1: It is the intent, not length of the content that matters

SEO content developers have often relied on multiple tools and checklists, taking a cue from their technical counterparts. One insight that often leads the chain is the length of the content. Until the recent past, 500-word articles were seen as the ideal option. This was mainly surmised owing to the short attention spans of regular internet users. While it is true that people do not prefer to scroll much to find their answer, it is not that big a folly to commit. 

That is because search engines are now smarter and care more about the intent of the content published. Is your content addressing the questions users are asking? Is the answer provided with the required details? If your answer to both queries is a ‘yes’, then your content has a better chance to rank well for your targetted queries. 

Hence, stick to the intent of answering the targetted query adequately. Stretch a 300-word article to 500 one or stuff keywords in a 300-word paragraph, and it is likely that the article will not rank on the search results. 


SEO Content Trends 2020 #2: Voice search – Write for the listeners too

‘Read what you write’ is a measure every writer swears by. This measure holds all the more weight in the era of voice searches. As per a recent study, it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be voice-based by 2020. Also, 30% of all searches would occur without a screen, i.e. through smart speakers. 

Owing to the rising popularity of voice searches, your content should not just address the query but also mimic the style of human speech. The more natural it is sounds, the more likely it is to be picked up by voice searches. 

But how would voice searches pick results for any query?


SEO Content Trends 2020 #3: The Growing Importance of the Zero Position

The SEO space has been abuzz with the potential of the featured snippet or zero position. With the rise of the voice search, achieving this position has been all the more critical. Hence, in 2020, one can expect blogs and other written content to feature more structured data, rich data snippets, and writing styles and formats designed to target Position Zero or the Featured Snippet

This trend should particularly be followed by those targetting local searches since many voice search queries revolve around local search.


SEO Content Trends 2020 #4: Adding the personal touch

While you must be focussed on striking a conversation with the readers (read: searchers), adding a personal touch to it can prove beneficial, just like in real life. Be it blogs or landing pages, you need to take a call about questions like ‘In which direction do you wish to take the conversation?’, ‘How deep do you want to go into the specifics?’ and most importantly, ‘Which factor do you address to drive results for yourself?’

By sourcing answers for these questions, you can develop incredibly tailored, topical content that will give you an edge over your competitors. After all, beneath all these SEO content trends, it all boils down to resonating with your readers enough to have your content read through to the end. 


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SEO Content Trends

SEO Content Trends in 2020 That Need Your Attention