Email Marketing Tool for Business Pages on Facebook

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Email Marketing Tool for Business Pages on Facebook

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    For businesses to send marketing emails through Facebook, the platform has been testing a new range of tools. These new set of tools will enable companies to compose marketing emails in a user-friendly interface and will also help upload their contact lists. The marketing emails can be sent directly through Facebook, and the performance for it can be monitored through the tool.

    Social media marketer Meg Coffey recently spotted a test of which she shared screenshots on Twitter

    Pages that have access to the tool will be shown an alert/notification with a note on the sidebar, as per the screenshots shared by Meg.

    Notification Sidebar

    A screen appears after clicking on the ‘Marketing Emails tab’, which prompts the page manager to confirm their email address.

    Confirm Email Address

    Email Address Confirmed

    The page manager needs to confirm the email address post which they can add email contacts to their subscriber’s list. The subscriber’s list can be uploaded from a spreadsheet or individually. To send promotional emails to the contacts added, Facebook will ask permission from the page managers if they can do so. Below is how this will look.

    Terms of Service

    Once the page managers decide whom they want to send the marketing emails to, they can compose an email. Below is a screenshot of how the console looks when composing an email.

    Compose Email

    A spokesperson for Facebook said to Adweek

    “We’re testing new email marketing tools with a small number of businesses to help them more efficiently notify their customers of changes to their services and operations. We’re evaluating whether these tools are beneficial for people and businesses before deciding whether to expand it further.”

    As stated, this feature is currently being tested for small and medium-sized businesses; however, if it turns out to be beneficial, then it may be rolled out for all size businesses. Let us see with time, the updates that Facebook makes to this tool, and how it helps the medium and small-sized businesses. Watch out our blog for more information on Digital Marketing and SEO.

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    Email Marketing Tool for Business Pages on Facebook