Garage Door Spam Investigation by Google

Google’s public Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan responded to a Ben Fisher, a local SEO, tweet about “1000’s of fake new GMB countrywide”.

Local SEO Ben Fisher stated that in recent days there are “thousands of new entries on false websites throughout the country.”

Here is the tweet

Garage Door Spam Gone Wild – hearing today that 1000’s of new listings are popping up countrywide with the fake GMB listings in a few days. @GoogleMyBiz @dannysullivan (How are you doing bud, been a while) – this should be an easy pattern to knock out.

Here Danny Sullivan responded with,

“Yes, we’re looking into reports.”

In response to Danny Sullivan tweet, another local SEO wrote:

“This is getting a bit out of control. The Google ‘business’ sites being so easy to spin up (and constantly update, connected to Posts) is great but also… lends additional ‘credibility’ to spammers and lead gen sites.”

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Garage Door Spam Investigation by Google