Google Supports Nofollow On HTML Link Tag

Gary lllyes from Google said that Google supports nofollow attribute on HTML link tags after several days of analysis.

It helps Google when you mention rel= “alternate nofollow, “which prohibits google from using the href attribute link. If you do not specify the “nofollow” attribute URL, it will be used as a weightless link by Google.

Garry mentioned, many tools that can extract URLs for analysis, e.g. Googlebot can perform some essential extraction, rendering can do advanced extraction, HTML parser is capable of extracting. That’s why it took him some time to answer this question, Garry said.

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You can use the rel UGC or sponsored, or both of these as well.

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Yoast wishes to tell Google to not crawl RSS feeds from WordPress sites for comment. It might help him and his team build a way of communicating with Google and not follow links to these RSS feeds.

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Bing said it depends:

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Key Takeaway

Google does support the Nofollow attribute which helps google to use links from href attribute.

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Google Supports Nofollow On HTML Link Tag