Google Gives Guidance To Businesses That Are Affected By Coronavirus

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Google Gives Guidance To Businesses That Are Affected By Coronavirus

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    Unless you have been living under a rock, you must be aware of the Coronavirus scare and its implications. Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a virus that attacks your respiratory system, and the scary part is that there’s no cure for it. At least not yet. The virus that has originated from Wuhan, China, is spreading at a rapid pace and has already forced human life into isolation, all across the globe. 

    Google understands how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting businesses worldwide and has offered to help out in the form of documentation for businesses to adhere to.

    It is advisable to keep your Google My Businesses profile updated, to help your customers find you with the utmost ease. Google has released a new GMB help page for the very same reason.

    Google My Business help page contains the following information:

    • Change your business hours

    Your business hours have likely been severely impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. It is always good to acquaint your customers with the updated business hours so that they are aware of your availability and can reach out to you. This will help your customers manage their time better, which in turn will minimize any disruptions in communication.

    • Edit your business description

    Google helps you manage your business descriptions better. This is an excellent opportunity to make suitable changes in your business description, allowing your customers to know that you’ve been affected by the Coronavirus.

    You can also list down some essential precautions or steps being taken by your personnel to ensure safety during this pandemic.

    • Update your Phone Number

    It may be a possibility that the business operations within your workspace have been temporarily suspended in the wake of Coronavirus. Many organizations are operating solely from home, and it would make sense to update the business phone numbers on Google My Business so that any new customers can reach out to you with ease.

    • Publish a Post

    Google provides you with the option to create posts and share to Google, as a local business. You must maintain a healthy relationship with your customers and keep them informed regarding your business. Publishing posts is a great way to help your customers know what is the exact situation of your organization amidst the fast-spreading Coronavirus. Posting regular updates and mentioning any delays in services can help keep your customers better informed.

    • Key Learnings:

    This entire Coronavirus situation has resulted in an enormous amount of panic among people and businesses alike. It’s no surprise that businesses will forget to update their Google My Business information amid the crisis.

    It is a kind gesture by Google to offer businesses with suggestions & recommendations on how to keep their Google My Business information updated. 

    By adhering to the points mentioned above, you can make sure that your business does not take a big hit due to this pandemic outbreak.

    Let us know in the comments section if your businesses have been affected by the Coronavirus threat & what measures you are taking to cope with it.

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    Google Gives Guidance To Businesses That Are Affected By Coronavirus