Google Images now has “Fact Check” to Search Results

Starting June 2020, Google is bringing Fact Check information to image search results worldwide. 

Google stated in their blog

“Photos and videos are an incredible way to help people understand what’s going on in the world. But the power of visual media has its pitfalls⁠—especially when there are questions surrounding the origin, authenticity or context of an image.”

Hence Google has rolled out this change to help people address questions around validating the authenticity of images and make more informed choices regarding the content that they consume. Below is the Tweet by Google SearchLiaison regarding this change.

How it looks

  • When a user searches for a specific image on Google, they will be able to see a “Fact Check” label below the image thumbnail.
  • Post clicking on the image thumbnail, a larger preview of the image will open. There Google will show you a summary of the “Fact Check” present on the web page where the image is featured.
  • Images that come from independent, authoritative sources on the web will show a “Fact Check” label.

Below is an image of how this feature looks like

Fact Check Information To Image Search Results

The “Fact Check” sources rely on ClaimReview which is an open method used by publishers to indicate fact check content to search engines. Google has explained in the past, how they highlight fact checks for Google Search and Google News in their blog posted in Dec 2019. Subscribe to our blog for more updates related to Digital Marketing.

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Google Images now has “Fact Check” to Search Results