Google Introduces Site Kit, a Power-packed Plugin for WordPress Websites

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Google Introduces Site Kit, a Power-packed Plugin for WordPress Websites

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    Google on Thursday announced that its Site Kit plugin is now available globally for WordPress users. The plugin was launched in the Beta version for developers earlier in 2019. Here is all that you need to know about it.

    What is Site Kit?

    Site Kit is an official WordPress plugin from Google that allows users to get the combined insights of different Google products like Analytics, Search Console, etc. on a single dashboard on their website.

    What are the important features of Site Kit?

    • The minimalist design of the dashboard offers easy-to-understand stats.
    • A quick and easy set-up without having to make changes to the source code of the site.
    • Key metrics are available for the entire website or individual posts.

    What are the key metrics and insights that you can monitor?

    With Google’s Site Kit, you can get integrated data from Google products, including:

    1.  Search console
    2. Analytics
    3. PageSpeed Insights

    Additionally, you can configure the plugin for other Google products such as:

    1. AdSense
    2. Tag Manager
    3. Optimize

    This will help users get reliable and up-to-date recommendations from Google with actionable guidance optimized for website owners.

    Why should you install Site Kit?

    With WordPress being used to run one-third of all the world’s websites, it makes perfect sense for Google to have entered into the WordPress plugin business. Site Kit is one power-packed plugin that will help you link different Google services and display the data right on your WordPress website’s admin dashboard, eliminating the need for individual plugins for each of the services. Also, this will make the analysis and tracking process hassle-free for site owners, without them having to possess any website development skills.

    Have you installed Site Kite on your WordPress website yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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    Google Introduces Site Kit, a Power-packed Plugin for WordPress Websites