Google On Merging Or Splitting Sites

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Google On Merging Or Splitting Sites

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    Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, made a statement regarding merging and splitting websites. He said that when you merge or split a website, it is “essentially creating a new site.”

    Someone on twitter posed this question to John Mueller

    John Muller responded saying

    “Merging or splitting sites doesn’t result in something you can exactly determine ahead of time. You’re essentially creating a new site.”

    Here is the tweet

    Key Takeaway

    • If you have multiple sites performing differently from one another and decide to merge those sites into one, it will not boost the overall performance for either of the websites.
    • Merging the websites will result in the creation of a new website. Hence, it is better to do SEO individually for the site, which is not performing well. This will help boost its performance.

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    Google On Merging Or Splitting Sites