Google: Search Results On The First Page Indicate You Are Doing It Right

In a recent twitter query, Danny Sullivan, the public face for Google search, made a statement with regards to web page rankings. According to him, if your web page ranks on the first page of the search results for its relevant queries, it means you are doing it right. His exact words were,

“being on the first page is a sign you are indeed doing all the right and great things to have good content.”

He further added,

“rankings do change often; the update itself takes more time to roll out, So you might see changes to come that might help you,” he added. We believe he is referring to the May 2020 core update in this tweet. 

Here is the tweet:



It can be concluded that those who do things right should look forward to updates from Google as rewards. The rank drops may imply something is incorrect and the page needs to be attended to for an improved ranking.

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Google: Search Results On The First Page Indicate You Are Doing It Right