Google’s John Mueller : Don’t Create a Sitemap Manually

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Google’s John Mueller : Don’t Create a Sitemap Manually

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    Gist: Sitemaps for enormous sites ought not to be made physically, says Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller.

    Google’s Senior Trends Analyst John Mueller as of late prompted an SEO professional not to physically make a sitemap for a huge site and offered progressively proper arrangements. The trade took place in a Reddit string on the r/SEO subreddit. An SEO was searching for exhortation on making a sitemap for a site with more than 2 million items.

    The thread stated

    “I have a client in a very technical, industrial niche. They sell industrial parts that are similar, but very specific. They have 2 Million + SKUs in their inventory.

    My challenge here is to create a sitemap. Because there are so many pages, I have to create it manually. I have a list of URLs broken up by products and categories that our dev team pulled through API. Since sitemaps can only contain 50,000 URLs, I have 37 excel sheets with 50,000 URLs on them each…”

    John Mueller responded saying

    “Don’t create a sitemap manually like that,” Mueller plainly states in his response.

    As the most upvoted remark, Mueller’s recommendation was clearly resounded by the Reddit SEO people group.

    Rather than making the sitemap physically, Mueller says this is the thing that ought to be done in this circumstance:

    “You need to get [the sitemap] from the CMS or the underlying database directly.”

    As another Reddit client brings up, getting a sitemap from the API where the dev group initially pulled the rundown of URLs would be an acceptable arrangement also.

    For What Reason is This Better Than Physically Making a Sitemap?

    While making a sitemap for an enormous site, or any site, you need to consider how it will be made as well as how it will stay up with the latest. A site with an item index of this extent could be including and expelling a considerable number of items consistently. 

    It would be strategically tricky to keep up a refreshed sitemap like that physically. Furthermore, that is not in any event, considering the impressive measure of work that would go into making the sitemap in any case. Physically making a sitemap is certifiably not a practical arrangement when mechanized alternatives exist.

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    Google’s John Mueller : Don’t Create a Sitemap Manually