Site: Command on Google Search is Broken

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Site: Command on Google Search is Broken

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    It’s confirmed by Google that there’s an issue with the ‘site:’ command that might fail to show the numbers of indexed pages over the website.

    Google’s Danny Sullivan tweets that the sites affected by today’s issue are specifically targeted to particular sites, also he confirms in his tweet separately that the issue has been investigated and even some of the other potential problems related to the ‘site:’ command which are not working

    So basically the ‘site:’ command is designed to help the searchers to find the number of pages within the site containing a specific keyword or phrase.

    For instance, if you are using the ‘site:’ command to find content within your own website, just be aware that you might not find some or all the content regarding the page whether it has been properly indexed.

    Just to be sure that this is not an issue with Google’s Index, but the problem is with the command itself.

    Content or phrase which cannot be found with the ‘site:’command it can still be surfaced with other queries


    Google has confirmed that this issue is fixed.

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    Site: Command on Google Search is Broken