Top 20 YouTube Searches of 2020 So Far

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Top 20 YouTube Searches of 2020 So Far

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    YouTube is hands down one of the leading, and quickly evolving video content sharing platforms present out there. Tonnes of content creators and tonnes of videos, you can almost find everything on YouTube. From a tutorial on how to fix your PC to a dance or recipe video, YouTube has it all. With the platform, the content on it is also evolving. People search for millions of things on YouTube. In this article, we list down the top 20 most searched queries on YouTube in the US and worldwide in 2020 so far along with their search volumes.

    Top 20 YouTube search queries in the US

    Without creating any suspense, here are the top 20 queries that are most searched on YouTube in the US in 2020 so far. The numbers displayed are their respective search volumes.

    5old town road2,040,000
    6pewdiepie vs t series1,940,000
    7billie eilish1,910,000
    9david dobrik1,610,000
    11james charles1,560,000
    12joe rorgan1,560,000
    13baby shark1,500,000
    17game grumps1,140,000

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    Top 20 Most Searched Queries On Youtube Worldwide

    4billie eilish13,860,000
    5baby shark12,090,000
    8old town road10,150,000
    10peliculas completas en español9,050,000
    12pewdiepie vs t series8,720,000
    15ariana grande7,890,000
    16alan walker7,560,000
    18tik tok7,270,000
    20bad bunny7,040,000

    Few Insights

    All in all, it seems that most of people use YouTube for gaming, music, brand-related content or to watch already famous YouTubers like Pewdiepie, MKBHD, Carryminati, etc.

    As per Ahrefs if you check the list of top 100 queries, the majority of the searches are music related like artists, bands, songs, music videos, etc. They account for almost two-thirds of the top 100 queries. So it is apparent that music is dominating the video platform in 2020. Popular South Korean band BTS, singers Billie Elish and Ariana Grande, EDM artist Alan Walker are some of the famous personalities appearing in the top 20 searches.

    There are many brand-related search queries in the top 20 which means people are directly searching for their favourite YouTube personality or channel. Some of such queries on the list include Pewdiepie, Pewdiepie vs T-Series, David Dobrik, etc. In fact, half of the top 100 searches are for specific YouTube content creators and channels.

    From the gaming section, you can see that two very well known games Fornite and Minecraft have made it to the top 20. Gamers who stream both these and other sports live on YouTube usually rank for such game-related queries. However, most of the popular gamers now stream their games on streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, etc. which has affected YouTube this year in the gaming category.


    Looking at the list, it is quite clear that building a fan base for very niche categories on YouTube is a real challenge. Since a number of people are directly searching for specific YouTubers or personalities, it also becomes difficult for the competitors to gain more views. However, both these challenges can be easily bowled over with great content and different marketing techniques.

    Have you searched for any of these queries? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Top 20 YouTube Searches of 2020 So Far