Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work

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    The world today is dominated by social media platforms. Twitter is one such social media or micro-blogging platform whose importance cannot be ignored. In the US alone, 52% of Twitter users tweet regularly. Social media is where you find the power to influence minds, and knowing how to harvest it can keep you ticking nowadays. But doing it the right way is difficult. So how do you do it?

    This post will point out some of the best Twitter marketing tips that are well-established methods to succeed on the micro-blogging platform.

    What are the ten best-proven Twitter marketing tips?

    Here are a few ways to turn Twitter into an invincible weapon.

    1. Work on Your Twitter Account 

    Do not keep the Twitter profile stale. Keep it vibrant by changing your profile and bio as often as you have something that can impact your audience. Declare your new finds, announce what is to come, and create polls based on what you are adding to your profile. It can only help if you keep expanding your Twitter profile.

    Create a unique brand image on the platform and stick with it. Visit your account regularly, and analyze what you want to keep and what you wish to throw away. In short, keep experimenting with it!

    2. Talk to Twitter Influencers

    Influencers are primarily present on all social media platforms. These social media ninjas use their influence to bring visibility to your account. People can generate considerable visibility for their accounts by associating with influencers that relate to them. 

    Influencer marketing has allowed brands to generate new leads and increase conversion rates in today’s world. One such method is to use use the trackmyhashtag tool to find influencers who would be interested in your stream and area. 

    With its help, you can also analyze their Twitter profile performances. In that way, you can find out if they can benefit you and your account.

    3. Gated Content can Help

    Gated Content is a method wherein a user fills a form to get access to content. On Twitter, you could do that simply by introducing the share or the re-tweet button.  If used well, it can help attract the right audience and customers. Generally, if people wish to promote or share content from your website, they must either share or re-tweet the post.

    This method can improve your engagement ratios. In addition, it can increase your sales ratio and thus, impact your conversions in a big way.

    4. Go for User-Generated Content

    User-generated content is a type of content wherein you put forth videos, text, reviews, and images.

    User-generated content is meant to increase the engagement ratio with audiences steeply. It helps generate high-engagement content and build the future of Twitter marketing for your brand. These posts and stories, along with the images, stay on your Twitter handle, and users or audiences can visit them anytime they want. It is one of the best ways to drive views and offer conversions from a vast platform like Twitter.

    Popular brands like Glossier drive engagement on social media by asking their customers to share selfies by posting them in their social media stories. This way, it gives recognition to their customers.

    5. Run Twitter contests

    What could be better than running contests on Twitter? Twitter contests can be aimed at introducing the right features of your brand to your audience. You can post the problems you wish to solve through contests, polls, and tests by having people participate in them. Contests that help solve a problem or show the way often drive success and attract the right buyer persona to your brand.

    Try to engage people through such contests. You could also offer a reward to ensure people take an interest in your brand. 

    You can also watch the following video for increasing your Twitter followers

    YouTube video

    6. Try Twitter Ads

    Twitter houses 139 million accounts. As a result, there are a lot of eyes watching your Twitter account from afar. You can increase engagement by placing Twitter ads. While it may seem a bit ambitious, brands can benefit greatly from advertisements.

    Twitter ads can reach visitors who could not be previously reached through hashtags and other indirect means. This is a more direct approach that helps reach every possible account that your brand can influence. Try to use this option occasionally to reach out to more and more people.

    An apt example in this regard would be how Spotify used Twitter ads to create a paid subscription list of 87 million users.  

    7. Use Twitter to Listen to People

    Twitter was intended to bridge the communication between people. However, voicing your opinions on Twitter won’t serve your purpose. Instead, one must listen to what others have to say, appreciate people in their efforts, and solve their problems through solutions. It would help increase the communication levels greatly.

    There are a few important aspects that can be covered when you start listening to people. These include:

    • Check if online shoppers know about your brand.
    • Check what Twitter has to say about you.
    • Track your competitors and understand what consumers might be interested in.
    • With such a communication medium at your disposal, you can always recognize and reach out to people.

    8. Tweet Regularly

    Tweeting posts regularly is the best way to grow your visibility. Tweet at least once a day, if not twice! 

    Regular tweeting can expand your reach and take you perhaps to the right people. Keep changing the form of your tweet. Use more visual content, like videos and photos to create a worthy impression.

    You can also watch the below video for understanding the importance of images and videos in Twitter marketing

    YouTube video

    This way of conveying your messages can get you noticed in the sea of crowds that gather together on Twitter for their share of attention.

    However, tweeting regularly is not enough. It would help if you answer questions asked by people, praise their comments, and re-tweet regularly. Spend some time studying your Twitter analytics each day apart from creating a good post and responding to the attention you’re being showered.

    9. Increase Your Engagement Ratio

    How do you do that? Apart from tweeting and responding daily to people’s tweets, you should also keep tabs on engagement. Figure out the peak hours for your target audience and post your tweets right around that time.

    Apart from that, you could try a Twitter scheduler provided directly by Twitter for scheduling your posts. In this way, even if you’re not able to post on a certain day, your post will still reach the targeted audience.

    10. Leveraging Twitter Analytics

    Planning your Twitter content strategy for better engagement and marketing can be done by leveraging Twitter analytics. Seven things that you can learn from the Twitter data can provide you with valuable insights to improve engagement and exposure of your brand. These are; tweet impressions, engagement rates, follower growth, profile visits, mentions, video content performance, and finding your topmost tweets. Working on these can definitely improve your Twitter account’s performance.

    Wrapping Up

    So, you have now gone through the well-established methods of Twitter marketing tips that have proven to work for many Twitter users and social media influencers. You can try out the methods yourself and discover which ones can potentially increase your reach. Do let us know in the comments section if you found the tips mentioned above useful for yourself.

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    Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips That Actually Work